Fetching Lab Blue Mischief



Fetching Lab Blue Mischief

Fetching Lab Brewery


Blueberry Cream Ale

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 18

Packaging: Draft, 16.5oz Bottles


Fetching Lab just dropped some bombs on Houston today! 22 oz Bombers, actually.

Aside from Bound & Determined, I’ve never had anything from Fetching Lab, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Chris nabbed a few crowlers for me from DOA as an early birthday gift, and he gave them to me right before we went to game 5 of the World Series. It was a historical game, and although I wasn’t drinking this while we watched, it feels like a historical beer. WHOA. A history-making Cream Ale? I think I just set the bar really high…

Unfortunately it sat in my fridge for a while as as I indulged in stouts for the cause. I genuinely wish I woulda busted it open to write this review sooner!

The art for Fetching Lab Blue Mischief features a bunch of blonde woodgrain on the background and a pic of a yellow lab going HAM on a blueberry pie. That’s flanked by a blue ribbon bearing the Blue Mischief name in a golden font.

Fetching Lab Blue Mischief poured nearly crystal clear. It’s a glowing, pale-straw yellow with a loose, chalk-white head that laces down my Teku delicately.

It smells subtly like tangy blueberries and little else. The aroma is mild and fresh, not like some Kool Aid. Nick’s had a few gripes with fruity beers not being fruity enough, but I appreciate balance. The nose started off balanced, so I was pleased.

Fetching Lab Blue Mischief is a deliciously light-bodied, summer treat. It starts off crisp and tangy, and the carbonation pokes your tongue refreshingly. The finish is sharp, dry and quick with a very subtle blueberry aroma that lingers on the palette without any excessive sweetness.

The aroma may lead you to believe it may be a rush of blueberries, but maybe that’s where the mischief part comes in? The blueberries somehow play center stage AND the background the whole way through. It’s not overpowering, cloying, or artificial-tasting. It’s crazy how well balanced this beer is.

It seriously reminds me of a bowl of Kellogg’s Blueberry Special K cereal sans the milk and all the sugar. The sharp dry finish is what makes it so refreshing. I’d love a cold one of these after cutting the grass. Please put this in six packs, and distribute it everywhere.


Fetching Lab Blue Mischief can be found on draft at Murdoch’s Backyard Pub, Jugs Draft and Heights Bier Garten as well as a few other places around town. While you won’t find this pup in six packs (yet), you can fetch a few bombers on the Southeast side of town. Their IG account dropped this great news just before noon, “Blue Mischief is now in bottles!!! Rolling into locations around town all week! Stay tuned! Currently at Corner Store Shell (next to Nobi) and Baybrook Total Wine.”

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Fetching Lab Blue Mischief

Fetching Lab Blue Mischief is to craft beer as corny dad jokes are to kids. Perfectly timed, it’s a refreshing surprise that makes you ask for another.

Just me? No way! Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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