Fass Miracle City Pils


Fass Miracle City Pils

Fass Brewing

ABV: 4.2%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft, 16oz Crowler


A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in Conroe for work. After a stop at B52 for some cans, I had only enough time for one more quick stop, and I knew exactly where I wanted to go.

After having the pleasure of interviewing the Fass gang before they opened, I’d been patiently awaiting the time for me to go check out their spot.

It. Is. Amazing. Just about every little detail has been considered and perfected, and it’s like stepping into a time capsule from a time that I don’t even recognize. It doesn’t hurt that the beer is just as considerate as the ceiling tiles and the floors.

After a single pour of Fass Miracle City Pils, I knew I had to leave with some cans to write this little review. When I said almost every detail has been considered and perfected, the only two details that are less than 100% are the crowler labels and the fake plants. Both are very forgivable when you taste the beer, though.

I don’t know if I’ve ever seen a more perfect pour. The brilliantly crystal clear straw yellow color was drool worthy. The head was thick and airy, and it turned into lacing that looked like old lace curtains from the same days of old – perfect.

When the crowler cracked open, there was a subtle little floral, spicy aroma from the Hallertau Mittelfrüh hops as I poured, but it was so gentle and delicate.

The taste of Fass Miracle City Pils was no different. The beginning of the sip is clean and bright with a pretty light body and sharp mouthfeel from the lively carbonation. The clean sip continues all the way through, and ends with a lightly bitter finish. My fav part of each sip is the super dry finish.

It comes from how Fass ferments it low and slow with their house German lager yeast. After a two week fermentation, the beer is slowly dropped to near-freezing temperatures and allowed to age another eight weeks until perfectly crisp, clean, and clear. The dryness of each sip shines through and leaves me longing for another.

In terms of comparison, I can’t really draw any. This beer’s in a class all its own. The bright, light, clean-ness makes me want to liken it to Equal Parts Gorlami, but that’s only a comparison of quality and deliciousness. The beers are pretty different from one another.

If you want any Fass Miracle City Pils, you better take a hike up to old town Conroe, and grab it there. As far as I know, it’s not being distributed. The Wild West Brewfest is coming up soon in Katy, and although the full list has not been released, I expect to see the Fass team out there slangin’ goodies like this one. Get your tickets to one of America’s best rated beer fests now, and save with code “BEERCHRONICLE” at checkout.



If you want any Fass Miracle City Pils, you better take a hike up to old town Conroe, and grab it there. As far as I know, it’s not being distributed.

Fass Miracle City Pils
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Fass Miracle City Pils

Overall, Fass Miracle City Pils may be one of my favorite beers. It’s just so fresh and clean. I wish I lived closer to Conroe. The guys out at Fass have a passion for the science and art of brewing that I’d measure as uncommon, and that passion shines brightly through this beer. What’d you think of it overall?

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Beers to you, Houston! 🍻

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