F U Harvey Teku Round 2


Want a F U Harvey Teku?

Preorder one online between now and 10/27/2017


Since so many of y’all, our loyal readers, asked about a F Harvey Teku, we figured we’d give y’all first dibs. Here’s all the details:

Last time we did all the glasses on preorder and then donated all the $ to relief efforts, so we can’t afford to run a bunch more glasses to get you one. BUT we want the opportunity to get you a glass and keep giving back, especially since so many people have already said they’re game and even started pre-ordering

So we’re going to do preorders again, collect the $, order another shipment, and get you a F U Harvey Teku.



They’re $25.00 per glass (shipped to anywhere in the US. If you’re outside of the US and want a glass, we’ll figure out shipping. DM us, send an email, etc.)

That’s $15 per glass, $9.00 for shipping, and $1.00 for shipping materials, i.e. peanuts, bubble wrap, tape, cardboard, Fragile stickers, etc. Ask anybody that bought one, we packed those suckers like Fort Knox.

We’ll collect $ for the next 2.5 weeks ending on Friday 10/27/2017. If we raise enough, we’ll get the glasses. If not, we’ll refund you. Simple as that.

Once we place the order, the glasses usually take about 2-3 weeks to be printed and delivered to us. If we ship to you, they’ve been taking anywhere from 1-5 days to ship.

In order to get these glasses, we have to get at least 19 more preorders. We sold twice that many glasses in an hour last time, so it’s not too lofty of a goal.

You can send payment to https://www.paypal.me/beerchronicle (as a gift, so they don’t charge us fees) or “Beer Chronicle” on Venmo. Please send your first name, last name, email, and mailing address in the note when you send payment.Share this with somebody that saw your glass and got jelly AF.

P.S. If you wanna buy some glass of your own, we’ve got a hell of a deal for you. Check out our proper glassware post for some details on a huge discount from our friends at ARTon Products. Start saving your beer money now.

Beer Chronicle Team
[email protected]
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