EZ-7, Brash Brewing by Chris Adams



EZ – 7

Brash Brewing

Houston, TX


ABV: 5 %

IBUs: 80


Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans




Brash Brewing’s EZ-7 is listed as an American Pale Ale, however it tastes more like an IPA. Once again the guys over at Brash have delivered. They named this beer after the legendary EZ-7 skate spot in Houston.

It has a nice dank smell and taste! When you read about West Coast APA’s you’d think it will be super hoppy and heavy. This beer is super hoppy as you’d expect but it’s not heavy at all. This could easily be a pool side beer you can drink all day.

EZ-7 is comparable to Karbach’s Hopadillo in some ways. It doesn’t have the ABV that Hopadillo has, but the smoothness, refreshing notes, and lingering bitterness that you’d expect from these kinds of beers.

I gave EZ-7 a 4 star rating because of how easy it is to drink combined with the flavor. When you first get your pint, take a second to just smell the flowers, if you will. I value hoppy flavor and crispness, and that’s exactly what this beer delivers! If you’re not into hops or IPA’s/APA’s then you’d be best to let this sit on the shelf.

Brash Brewing EZ-7 has a bright, cloudy, golden-brown color with a nice white-tan head.

I thought EZ-7 was an IPA until I looked into it. It doesn’t taste like a typical APA at all. I was pleasantly surprised!


The artwork on the EZ-7 is black and silver. They feature the actual EZ-7 skate spot and have a very metal/punk rock feel to it.

Brash just started canning this beer, and it’s available on draft at a few places around town. The cans are currently only available at the brewery.

I think this is a great beer and look forward to what the guys at Brash Brewing have coming out! Did you try EZ-7 yet? Go ahead and drop a comment and let us know what you think about it!


Chris loves Beer, Whiskey, Cigars, Music, Sports and Houston! He's worked in the oil industry since 2011. He's an Army veteran and most importantly a husband and father. His favorite beers are hop-forward and unique.

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