Ellipsis Brewing: Redacted or To Be Continued…



Ellipsis Brewing in Orlando Florida

Aside from being hard to find, there was nothing to omit at Ellipsis Brewing.

7500 Tpc Blvd #8,
Orlando FL
Head Brewer Robert “Rob” McKee


What You Need to Know Before You Visit Braindead Brewing

Price: $4-7 per pour depending on the beer

Food: A handful of nearby deliveries are available


Family Friendliness: Yup

Doggos: Yup

Parking: There seemed to be plenty, although it was off hours for sure. Ellipsis Brewing sits in a big industrial park, so there’s quite a bit of parking spaces to be had.


What’s the Atmosphere like at Ellipsis Brewing?

The atmosphere at Ellipsis Brewing was super chill. I visited on a Tuesday afternoon in the middle of the day, so it was me, the beertender, and like 3 other patrons. Admittedly, as I entered the door, the sound of crickets in the room and long stares from all four of the dudes was slightly unsettling.

Even as I was ordering my flight, nobody seemed too chatty much less cheery.

Everybody seemed to open up and become a bit more welcoming once I gave a handful of Houston beers to the guy behind the bar. SpindleTap Houston Haze, Saint Arnold Art Car IPA, Brash x Ommegang Storm Crusher, Southern Star Humidity, 11 Below Crazy Pilz, and Back Pew Blue Testament were among the haul, so the smiles were pretty big as the banter began.

After answering some questions about Houston beer and telling them a bit more about a few of the beers, I began to feel a bit more at ease.

There’s a floor-to-ceiling chalkboard at the back of the seating area that screams “bring your kids,” and the plentiful seating adds to the welcoming nature.

Is Ellipsis Brewing Worthy of Traidbait Travels?

Overall, it’s a solid yes for me. While their takes on the NEIPA style all came up a little thin in my book, every single beer I had from them was good – 3 stars or better. They had quite a nice selection, and while it was skewed towards NEIPAs, and that might not be a selling point for some… I’d say it’s a great spot to come home with some traidbait for sure.

The biggest pitfall was easily how hard it was to find amongst such a generic-looking group of buildings. Hopefully, they’ve got some channel letter or cabinet signs coming soon to steer the thirsty folks into their section.

If I’m in Orlando again, I’ll probably be checking Ellipsis Brewing out a second time. Let me know what you thought about it in the comments.


Anthony Gorrity
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Anthony's a Houston native, a Creative Strategist at https://ledgeloungers.com/, an adjunct instructor of Visual Communication at Lone Star College, and a UH Coog that loves good beer almost as much as he does his city. Anthony lives to help others and that's found a home helping some of the coolest breweries on earth with creative and marketing projects that can be seen on our Portfolio page. Fueled by hoppy lagers, sessionable IPAs, and gangster rap, he's ticked his way through H-Town, rocking the most unusual Nikes he can find. When he's not writing for us, he's with his family or very patiently rooting for the Rockets.

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