Cycler’s Brewing Ryed Hard by Tam



Ryed Hard

Cycler’s Brewing

Montgomery, TX


ABV: 6.6%

IBUs: 68


Packaging: Draft, 22oz. Bottles



Several authors and I recently attended a private tour of Cycler’s Brewing family run operation in the heart of Sam Houston National State Park, and boy do I have a treat for you! You may be wondering who Cycler’s Brewing is and why you haven’t heard about them. Well, I’m here to tell you that this is a small group of passionate brewers who have spent half a decade perfecting their craft with techniques that we found simple yet uncommon. The end result of this tiny “attention to detail” mentality has produced excellent fridge worthy beers that should be on your list of “regulars.”

If you haven’t noticed, Cycler’s Brewing core motivation comes from the love of Road Cycling events. A sport that is known to many but done by few. None of us are cyclists, and while visiting we learned that craft beer fuels bike culture due to its “work hard, play hard” mentality. Many of these athletes believe that after a grueling contest of 150 miles they deserves a tasty cold beverage, and we tend to agree. As in most of our interviews we are graciously treated to a few samples of their core beers. It just so happens that we were lucky enough to partake in their soon to be released 22oz bottles of this delicious concoction cleverly named “Ryed Hard.”

Rye beers are often moderate in bitterness which allows the spicy and sour characters to flow through the beer, and Ryed Hard is no exception to that style. It’s initial aroma and fragrance gives hints of a mellow citrus that may confuse the drinker, but it in fact masks the spicy aromas underneath. The pour is a stunning golden copper with a thin head; which is perfect for a craft drinker to immediately partake in. The taste has a hoppy orange start with a spicy aftertaste that lingers and fades for a moment and allows the drinker to truly partake in all the flavors that this brew has to offer. I could see why this beer would make a great “day-ender” with its smooth, thirst-quenching taste.




The bottle is a massive 22 ounces with the Cyclers “Rider” emblem clearly set upper center, its clever pun of Ryed Hard is a great play on words since it throws a deliberate shout out to the bike racing community. I actually drank my complimentary bottle after an evening workout that allowed my already sitting endorphins to increase and a sense of cooling relaxation flowed over my body.

Like I had mentioned earlier, you can find these delicious brews in the Montgomery and Woodland areas, and they have plans for a more public venue in the future; that’s an event I would strongly advise all our readers pay close attention to.

I found this brew to be a part of a treasure trove of hidden gems, that if overlooked, will be a regret in any Houstonian craft drinkers collection. As always, don’t take my word on it and let the brew do the talking. Go grab a bomber and let us know what you think in the comments below. Beers to you Houston!

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