Cycler’s Brewing Dom’e’stique Wit by Tam



Dom’e’stique Wit

Cycler’s Brewing

Huntsville, TX


ABV: 5%

IBUs: 10

Packaging: 6 pack 12 ounce bottles, 22 ounce bombers




I write this on the eve of the Houston Texans 2017 pre-season opener against the Carolina Panthers full of anticipation and hope (like most of the city of Houston) that our two main Quarterbacks can surpass the drama and harsh critiques given to our beloved team. Through adversity we have managed to keep this ship afloat and win back to back division titles, but all this wouldn’t have been possible without TEAM EFFORT.

Team effort is what drives Cyclers Brewing, a small but ever growing brewery in Huntsville, with a passion for two things; Brewing and Cycling. The BC crew ventured to Huntsville late last year to conduct an interview and ended up with friends whose passions about the sport of cycling and the art of brewing were neck and neck; you can read that interview HERE.

Dom’e’stique Wit is no exception to that high quality that Huntsville and most of North Houston has been able to enjoy, and I personally have found myself gravitating towards a Cyclers brew anytime I am at HEB or Hubble and Hudson. Dom’e’stique Wit pours a slightly hazy straw gold with little to no foam leftover after the initial pour. The floral aromas of this wheat beer are evident as the glass inches closer to the drinkers mouth. The brew begins smooth with banana notes but a sudden jerk to a lemon sour occurs; which is normal of Witbiers. It’s crispness and tartness overwhelms the drinkers senses and it would match well with the Houston heat.




Dom’e’stique Wit has its refreshing moments but my palate is not yet ready for such a brew. For that I give it a 2.5 stars because it’s not an undrinkable beverage but seems to match only a select class of particular drinkers.

Dom’e’stique Wit’s label has their iconic bicyclist on a white/purple background while golden wheat bubbles float amongst the scene. The words “Who’s your Domestique?” is reference to the rider who works for the benefit of the team be it by pacing the lead rider, creating a slipstream (pushing air on either side of the rider) for their teammates to take advantage and eventually take the lead, or bringing water/food from team cars to other members of the group.

Although I would not claim this beverage as my “go to” I know several drinkers who would enjoy this beverage. For now, I’ll stick with my other favorite Cyclers beers like their Palmares Russian Imperial Stout and Derailleur Scotch Porter.

Tell us what you think in the comments below, and as always “Beers to you, Houston!” 🍻

Tam Pham
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