Copperhead Striker IPA by Tony



Copperhead Striker IPA

Copperhead Brewery

Houston, TX (if in Houston, identify neighborhood or area in parenthesis, Aldine, EADO, Heights, etc.)

Conroe, TX


ABV: 7%


IBUs: 72




Copperhead Striker IPA is the first beer I had from them. I remember seeing it on the shelf late this summer and being really excited to see a new, smaller brewery on the shelf! I swear I wrote about it, but I lost the write up somehow? I’ve bought it a few times since then because it’s daaaaaang good, but as I checked through my beer journal to post it, it was gone.

So I drank it again for the sake of a write up. Poor me. It made our Top 5 IPAs in Houston (phase 1) – check it out!

Copperhead Striker IPA has a fruity, citrusy nose, and those flavors follow through to the flavor. The first sip hits the palette with a harsh, striking, dank-hop-pine flavor, but as it rests and warms up, that harsh dankness subsides. There’s a solid malty backbone to stand up to all the piney, fruity notes, and it ends with a balanced hop bitterness.

Copperhead Striker IPA reminds me a bit of Lone Pint Yellow Rose or Saint Arnold Art Car, but it’s a bit more dank than both of them. It might taste like a more powerful Running Walker IPA too – write up to come.

I’m giving Copperhead Striker IPA a 4.5 star rating because it’s freaking delicious, and it’s almost perfect. I really prefer my IPAs fruity and citrusy, so maybe that’s why I like it so much.

Striker IPA pours a slightly hazy, dark gold with a pretty creamy head. That creamy head sticks around for a little while and stains the side of the pint glass like venom all the way down. The body is perfect and the carbonation is too.

I love Striker IPA!


(A stack of beers from our Top-5 IPAs. Striker’s on the top behind Hopston and Hopadillo.)

Copperhead Striker IPA has a black label with a big, grungy, comic-book-illustrated green snake and bright green typography. The type looks hand-drawn with a scratchy texture.

I haven’t seen Copperhead Striker IPA as much as I’ve seen some of the other Houston beers, but I found mine at HEB. You can find it at a few watering holes around town too.

This beer is pretty rad, and it’s my fav from them so far. You had Copperhead Striker IPA yet? What’d you think – did it hurt so good or did it bite back and leave you running for a medic? Let us know in the comments below. Beers to you, Houston.

Anthony Gorrity

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