Copperhead King of Terrors



Copperhead King of Terrors

Copperhead Brewery


Imperial Stout

ABV: 15%

IBUs: 100


Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 12 ounce bottles, 3 liter bottles


This is the dark beer that makes people scared when they think of dark beers. I got my first bottle of Copperhead King of Terrors from Nick. That’s a good friend, amiright? I helped him move into his new house, and I wouldn’t accept the money he tried to give me. When he offered beer, I didn’t bat an eye. So thanks, Nick!

King of Terrors is Copperhead’s biiiig stout that they brew once a year. There’s 13 wooden crates filled with KoT, and you can’t get one. Most likely. 13 VIP tickets were sold, each for a handmade crate with 12 bottles with a different colored wax. $250 was the price for the original 13 cases, but if you bring that crate back the following year, they’ll fill it up again for you. The catch is, if you don’t bring the case back, you lose your spot and another ticket holder can bid for their spot in an auction. One of the crate owners moved to Denver, CO, and we asked if he’d be back to secure his spot. Lol.


This year there was a Friday 13th in October, and Seth hinted to it when we interviewed him this summer. Something tells me the haze craze had his brew schedule going in a different direction.

Regardless of the direction of the schedule, the art direction of Copperhead King of Terror’s label is terrifyingly fire. It has a big wicked skeleton cradling a glowing green ball of snake. That’s all surrounded by an ominous blue, black and teal moon setting.

But back to the actual beer, the motor-oil pour on Copperhead King of Terrors is jet black with a creamy light brown head that crowns the surface of the beer and laces down spottily with each sip.

The jet black beer finds its home in your nose with rich coffee, bakers chocolate and a surprisingly mild alcohol note for a 15% ABV. Seth makes a sneaky beer. Again. I’m almost getting tired of writing it.

Copperhead King of Terrors is the opposite of a sting. It’s a smooth sipper that hides the 15%ABV and 100 IBUs beneath layers of warming coffee flavor. As the finish sips, there’s a rush of coffee and baker’s chocolate bitterness that coats my mouth with roastiness. It’s not subtle, but it’s definitely smoother than you’d think at 100 – all IBUs aren’t created equally. It’s obviously full-bodied, and has a slick, creamy mouthfeel reminiscent of chocolate milk with carbonation.

Copperhead King of Terrors reminds me a bit of SpindleTap Aceite Crudo, as they’re both big, creamy, and roasty AF. KoT feels less bitter and less smoky to me despite the high IBUs. So… Very different with some similarities.


As for finding KoT out and about, don’t hold your breath. Get to Copperhead. Simple as that. You won’t find it on shelves, but you can score a few bottles this year. They decided to go as big as the beer itself and bottle some THREE LITER bottles, but they’re already all sold out. You can still reserve some 12oz bottles here, though. But, since it’s in bottles, be careful on your way home not to expose them to the sunlight. Here are 4 lies you may have been told about skunked beer. Night of Terrors is this Friday January 12, so don’t drag your feet.

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Copperhead King of Terrors

It’s easy to see why this beer’s not a part of their regular rotation. It’s special. A sipper, or a great beer to share. Copperhead King of Terrors was crowned one of the Top 5 Stouts in Houston because it hits all the marks. What’d you think of KoT? A real king of kings, or a dark tyrant?

Let us know by voting below with a single click or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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