Copperhead Feeding Frenzy by Sam



Copperhead Feeding Frenzy

Copperhead Brewery


Double New England IPA

ABV: 8.0%

IBUs: 99

Packaging: Draft, 32 oz  Crowler, , 4 pack 12 ounce cans, Growler



Frenzy is defined as wild excitement or derangement.  The former can definitely be attributed to the beer community’s response to Copperhead’s Feeding Frenzy.  On the other hand, the latter might come into play if someone say bought 10 crowlers the weekend it was released…..crap I’m guilty as hell then.

When, head brewer and owner of Copperhead Seth Earnest, released batch one in the spring the name could not have fit any better.  The haze craze was engulfing Houston, with the release of SpindleTap Houston Haze and test batches from multiple breweries like No LabelBaa Baa Brewhouse and B-52.

The artwork on the can is dope as hell! The Copperhead serpent theme continues and gives plenty of clues of the tasty hop venom inside before the can is even opened.   Multiple snakes are devouring oranges and hops on top of a red background.  The name of the beer is labeled on sign that kind of reminds me of one you might see in a haunted house.

Feeding Frenzy pours hazy with a yellow to orange hue.  The label art foreshadowing bears fruit, (sorry had to pun it up) when a super duper citrus aroma bomb bursts out of the can and the glass once poured.  The lacing runs up to the middle of the glass with a moderate amount of head.  This is one of those beers you have a good feeling about from the beginning before tasting.

Feeding Frenzy falls into my dangerously good category of beers.  The 8% abv is so well hidden it’s scary.  One sip and those juicy characteristics come right up on the tongue.  The Amarillo, Citra, and Comet trio work extremely well together.  The finish can be a tad dry, but the bitterness is very small, almost faint.  The body falls into the medium range and the carbonation is very well done.

Feeding Frenzy hits all the marks of a juicy New England style IPA.  Whole Foods Post Oak is the best local comparison.  They constantly put out new IPAs, but their recent release of Scattered Storms was very close, in terms of hidden ABV, juicy citrus flavors, and low bitterness to Frenzy.  I am giving Copperhead Feeding Frenzy a solid 4.5 rating for being a great NEIPA from beginning to end.  The soft body, juicy aroma and taste hit all the marks.  I trade beers all over the country. One of my trading partners in Colorado went so far as to mention the Treehouse name when giving his thoughts.


This juicy double can be found on draft throughout the Houston area.  The brewery will have it on tap until it’s time for batch three, but as always taphunter is your friend when searching for taps of it around town.  Copperhead posted to their facebook page on Monday that cans were still available at the taproom.  Cherry Medusa is also on tap right now, so that in of itself is reason to head north.

Copperhead is one of the most well rounded breweries in the Houston area.  Seth constantly wants to learn, improve, and grow.  The beer is clean, and I haven’t had a bad beer from them period.  A facebook post today showing the brewing of Roo Killer is perfect proof why the sky is the limit for this brewery. In the post, Seth talks about improving this batch because he knows it can be better.   Don’t miss out on Feeding Frenzy before this batch is gone!  If you haven’t been to the brewery go, you won’t be sorry.  Did you get your frenzy fixed? Let us know in the comments below!  Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

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