Copperhead Citraaddicted


Copperhead Citraaddicted

Copperhead Brewery



ABV: 6.9%

IBUs: 86

Packaging: Draft, 32 oz Crowler, 4pack 12 ounce cans, Growler


There’s a new NEIPA made with ridiculous amounts of Citra?  Who else but Copperhead Brewing in Conroe? Brewmaster and owner Seth Earnest’s love of Citra is well documented.  In our brewery guide, Seth talked about drinking Stryker IPA the most because it’s mostly Citra.  Citraaddicted by Copperhead Brewing only enhances Seths’s reputation as a Citraholic.

The label art for Copperhead Citraaddicted stays with their psycho hop eating snake theme.  The backdrop is purple and light green.  Two snakes are devouring hops in a snakes lair I have no desire to ever visit. Citraaddicted is written in white with a green outline.

Copperhead Citraaddicted pours a bright yellow hazy color.  There have been recent comments about the cans losing the haze but I haven’t experienced those issues.  I store all my hazy IPA’s upside down and it makes a world of difference.  The pictures in this review are from tonight.  Citraaddicted provides the amount of head attributed to well carbed beers.  The lacing spreads out and rolls smoothly down the glass.  The aroma from Copperhead Citraaddicted is….you guessed it straight Citra fire.  The tropical fruity aroma is unmistakable.  It literally jumps out out of the can once you open this hazy treat.

If you are a haze fiend, Citraaddicted will please your juice buds.  The tropical fruit aroma comes to fruition with every sip.  The mouthfeel isn’t pillow soft, but it’s isn’t bad by any means. The medium body is perfect for the style.  The astringency perks up a little but isn’t unpleasant.  My drinking experience overall was very enjoyable.  Seth has improved every batch of haze he has produced.

Last weekend was ridiculously full of beer events and releases.  It was a particularly good weekend for juice heads.  Spindletap, Sigma, Baa Baa, and Copperhead all released hazy IPAs. Copperhead Citraaddicted more than held it’s own with Operation Juice Drop, 4xDDH Medina Sod, and Houston Haze.  My recommendation is pretty simple, if you like hazy IPA’s it’s a great time to be in Houston.  Drink them all!

If you want Copperhead Citraddicted cans you have to head north and pay a visit to the snake’s lair.  You will see it on draft, but Houston only got 18 kegs.  As of today, the brewery only has 20 cases or so I wouldn’t wait.  Learn the way to Copperhead Brewery, because the good beer they produce isn’t going to stop any time soon.

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Copperhead Citraddicted is another addition to my favorite style. The hazy color, tropical aroma,and low acidity all create a very enjoyable drinking experience. I am giving Citraddicted a solid 3.5 star rating and will enjoy every can. Keep an eye out Houston because it won’t last long. Are you an addict for Citraddicted?

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