Buffalo Sunset, Buffalo Bayou by Chris



Buffalo Sunset

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Company

Houston, TX

Black IPA

ABV: 9.2%

IBUs: 90


Packaging: 22oz Bomber




Buffalo Sunset is a black IPA that mixes two of my favorite drinks, IPAs and coffee. The coffee comes from the Houston based coffee company, Amaya Roasting CO. The name, Buffalo Sunset, comes from the old Sunset Coffee building that was built on the Buffalo Bayou in 1910. Buffalo Bayou described this series as “aggressive and boundary pushing” and it’s most definitely that!

Buffalo Bayou has dubbed themselves “Houston’s most creative brewery,” and it’s hard to argue against them! No other beer compares to Buffalo Sunset. This beer starts out with the hop bitterness you’d expect and finishes with a malty sweetness. When I Poured my glass and saw that rich, black beer with a creamy tan head I was expecting a stout type taste. Surprisingly, Buffalo Sunset isn’t as heavy as the appearance might lead you to believe. I also found that the 9.2% ABV was very subtle!

I rated Buffalo Sunset with 4 stars for many reasons. I love the concept, I love that they did something outside of the box, and most importantly it was a damn good beer! Buffalo Bayou is always trying to advance beer as we know it and at least on this occasion, they hit the ball out of the park!

When I picked up my bomber I had no idea what to expect, I just saw “Coffee + Hops” on the packaging and knew I had to give this beer a shot! It was so goooood. I find myself talking about this beer more and more. I think I am going to have to have a few on standby at all times!


The artwork is mainly chocolate brown with a buffalo head outlined and between the ears where the eyes and nose wold be reads “Buffalo Sunset” in white lettering – pretty standard of their artwork. The label also displays a sunrise in the buffalo outline with the words “Coffee + Hops” in green lettering. Their taps are usually a paddle-like trapezoid shape with their logo at the top, and they’re usually a bit more graphic than others. Photo courtesy of Good Eats Houston.

I found my bomber at HEB and I’ve also seen it at Specs!

I can’t say it enough, this beer is damn good! Buffalo Bayou is a next level brewery and they don’t seem to concern themselves with what everyone else is doing. Have you tried Buffalo Sunset? What would you rate it?

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Chris loves Beer, Whiskey, Cigars, Music, Sports and Houston! He's worked in the oil industry since 2011. He's an Army veteran and most importantly a husband and father. His favorite beers are hop-forward and unique.

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