Buffalo Bayou Sam’s Daily by Tam



Sam’s Daily

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Houston (Nolda St.)

American Cream Ale

ABV: 5.8%

IBUs: 28


Packaging: Draft, 12 oz cans

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Did you know that one of the founding fathers of Texas is a respected and recognized member of the Cherokee Nation? That this Scot-Irish descendent was once a governor of Tennessee? Did you also know that if it wasn’t for an altercation with a US Congressman that led to a lengthy and expensive trial that he would have never relocated to the Mexico Territories?

History today shows General Samuel “Sam” Houston as a Politician, President (of the Republic of Texas), Soldier, and a Revolutionary. So it only makes sense that a brewery that is founded in his birth named city would create a brew that paid homage to a man of such adoring stature.

I first ran across Sam’s Daily after completing the Woodlands Marathon, where staff members from Buffalo Bayou Brewing were handing out their signature craft beers to finishers. I, at the time, wanted the most bang for my buck and went with a higher ABV but made sure that if I were to come across Sam’s Daily again I would not hesitate and purchase one.

Sam’s Daily pours a straw yellow with a thick amount of head that lingers for a few moments. It has a citrus aroma that is only enriched by the sweet lime style it produces. It is a light brew that you could enjoy easily with any southern style comfort food and it won’t ruin your food of choice, nor will your food of choice ruin this palate cleansing beer. This cream ale is low in ABV and is presented as an easy drinker; to that in which it is.



*Picture Courtesy of Pinterest

The can is decorated in a solid white canvas with a portrait of Sam directly at the front. Silhouette’s, which are common with the heritage series, are seen gracing the sides of the can. This one is of Sam Houston’s (the one on I45 heading to Huntsville; Eat um up Kats!) statue that pays respects to a forefather of the Republic of Texas.

I found Sam’s Daily to be exactly what it displayed itself to be, an easy smooth craft beer that has no frills nor surprises. If I could place it into one my many categories of beers, I would say this would go well during a slow day of football or even a slow smoking (grill) session.

Don’t let this proud native Texan and SHSU alumni tell you what this brew is about, get out there and grab a can for yourself. While you’re at it tell us what you think of this seasonal series Cream Ale in the comments below, and as always “Beers to you, Houston!”

Tam Pham
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