Buffalo Bayou Great White Buffalo by Tam



Great White Buffalo

Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.

Houston, TX (Nolda St.)

Belgian Style Whitbier

ABV: 5.8%

IBUs: 22

Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans




The days are lasting longer, temperatures are on the rise, and that infamous Houston humidity is creeping up more each day. Personally, the encroaching days of summer bring about memories of long school sessions transforming into epic backyard BBQ’s; not to mention the countdown to a new football season (GO TEXANS!). So break out of those stuffy shirts and throw on a tank because it’s time to get rid of that farmers tan.

The sure fire way to start any good time, be it with friends/family or your loyal furry companions, is to crack open a crisp ice cold craft beverage. The only problem is that, in the craft beer world, you want to be able to prolong your enjoyment and not fall into a stumbling stupor of drunkenness. Luckily those brew masters at Buffalo Bayou has you covered, and they know which concoctions will give you that refreshing thirst quenching taste that will keep you going all summer day long.

Several months ago, I literally ran across this brew after participating in the Woodlands Marathon while volunteers were handing out Great White Buffalo and other Buff Brews at the finish line. Great White Buffalo pours a bright yellow and orange haze that has a thin head that will disappear after a few moments. Its citrus notes has the perfect combination of sweet and bitter that makes you take longer sips each time. What made this brew even more intriguing is that the after taste had hints of gingerbread and spice. I enjoyed this beer so much, that I purchased a six pack at my local HEB and brought it along to our crawfish feast that several runners and spouses were attending after the event.



*Picture Courtesy of BuffBrew

Great White Buffalo is a part of the Buffalo Bayou Heritage Series that holds other Houston favorites such as Don’t Fear the RIPA (Link HERE) and More Cowbell (Link HERE); as well as Tony’s take on this excellent brew HERE. Their goal within this series is to combine classic brewing techniques with a Houston style. The can is simple in its décor, using the aluminum and splashes of white to create the legendary creature and humor is thrown in text; observe the times to drink said craft beverage.

This craft brew is a Belgian Style Whitbier, which basically means that this summer quencher is not only light and tart but it has enough layered aroma and flavor to rival hearty winter beers. I found it to be an excellent summer brew and it seems like the hundreds of other athletes with me seem to agree.

So are you against the masses or do you fall into our fold? Let us know in the comments below, and as always “Beers to you, Houston!”

Tam Pham
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