10 Year Anniversary of BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019


10 Year Anniversary of BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019

Labor day weekend usually means beer and grilling. Why not let somebody else cook for you and enjoy your choice of 150+ beers?


BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019 will be from Aug 30 – Sep 1, 2019

Moody Gardens Hotel
Seven Hope Boulevard
Galveston, Texas 77554
(409) 741-8484

With it being their 10 year anniversary, you better believe they’re pulling out all the stops. And so are we with the biggest giveaway we’ve ever been a part of!


What’s gonna be different at the 10 Year Anniversary of BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019?

This is one of Thrillist’s Top Ten Craft Beer Festivals, and it’s on Galveston Island. A quick, weekend getaway, plus beer and bbq… You got your tickets yet?

You can check the events or buy tickets here using our code “BC” to save a few dollars.


We wanted to ask the BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival team a few questions about what has kept them going for a decade.

In addition to the Thrillist award, they were voted Houstonia’s #1 Craft Beer Festival, as well as the USA Today 10 Best Craft Beer Festivals in 2016 and 2017, 5th and 3rd place respectively. That’s kind of a big deal, and it’s part of why we help shine a spotlight on them each year.

Here are a few things you can expect at the Brewmasters Craft Beer Fest 2019.

  1. We’re featuring beers from destinations with great beers. The charming town of Conroe is hosting three of its knock-out breweries including three of our favorites, Southern Star, Copperhead and B-52. The Bahamas Tourism Board is bringing the island vibe to the island of Galveston with Kalik Beer, Bahamian foods and authentic Junkanoo music and dancers.
  2. BrewMasters was the first-ever multi-day immersive event geared around education and tasting. There’s enough variety to give every taste something to experience. Friday night’s Nach-Yo Ordinary Tequila Tasting, the BrewHaHa Grand Tasting on Saturday with over 50 breweries, and the BrewBQue on Sunday, there’s an event and beer for E V E R Y O N E.
  3. A Cookies and Craft Beer pairing and the Evolution of Craft Beer with our friends James Simpson and Chad Pilbeam of What’s on Tap Radio.
  4. “Taste it First” selections are plentiful this year. These are fresh and new beers that have never been tasted before, and they get their start at BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019.
  5. BrewMasters is super excited to have several new breweries with us this year including our friends over at Ingenious Brewing.
  6. Nearly 100 hands on deck to help raise over $300,000 for charities with 750 kegs of beer, and 6,000 lbs of ice to keep it all cold.

With beer festivals popping up all the time, what specifically makes the Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival unique from the others?

“BrewMasters has always been about helping provide additional education as well as rare and unusual samplings. Whether someone is new to the craft beer scene or a soon-to-be cicerone we want them to have a great experience.

We try and involve as many of the brewers as we can, so people get a chance to meet the master behind the beer. Our ‘Taste it First’ initiative is a signature of Brewmasters. Many breweries launched their businesses at this event like Karbach, Fetching Lab, and Texas Beer Refinery just to name a few.”

Galveston is a destination experience and what better time for a weekend getaway than Labor Day? Even if you only attend the festival for one or two of the three days, there’s so much the island has to offer.

Galveston Island Brewing, for one.

Fishing, Pleasure Pier, The Strand, ultra good (Gulf fresh) food on every corner, and did we mention Galveston Island Brewing is on Galveston Island?


A Decade of BrewMasters Craft Beer Festival is Worth Celebrating

As if surviving Hurricane Harvey, which landed the day BrewMaster’s would’ve kicked off in 2017, wasn’t enough, this festival has covered some major ground.

In the event’s 10-year history it’s been the most honored Texas beer festival including one of the top 3 beer events in America by USA Today, top 10 by Thrillist and #1 in Houston by Houstonia Magazine. Recognition like that doesn’t go to a slouch, y’all.

A few Houstonians weighed in on how BrewMasters has helped their breweries. (Hint: if the brewers and owners think it’s cool, you will too.)


For almost a decade, to the craft beer drinker attending Brewmasters has been as much a part of Labor Day weekend in Galveston as sunscreen & sand. As a homebrewer, I attended the early days of the festival thinking, maybe I’ll have my beer here one day. For the 5th time we will be bringing the best we have to the festival and look forward to another great year.Mark Dell’Osso – Owner, Galveston Island Brewing

Karbach officially launched in 2011 and sampled our beers to the public for the very first time ever at Brewmasters. It was an unbelievable opportunity for us to get in front of so many beer enthusiasts. The festival continues to be one of the stand-out fests that we participate in year in and year out. David Graham – Brand Manager, Karbach Brewing

Because Brewmasters catches a lot of folks from out of town, the festival gives us good exposure to people who have never heard of 11 Below and our brands. It has helped us drive beer sales. Overall, the festival has been a huge plus for us. Brandon Moss – Co-Owner, 11 Below Brewing


Breweries at BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019

The list is long. Like 50+ breweries long, and it’s growing daily. But we know you’re here for the Houston beer, so here are the breweries you’re probably most interested in checking out!

11 Below Brewing
B52 Brewing
Copperhead Brewery
Southern Star Brewing
SpindleTap Brewery
Ingenious Brewing Co.
Back Pew Brewing
Bearded Fox Brewing Co.
Brazos Valley Brewing
Brigadoon Brewery
Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.
Eureka Heights Brew Co.
Galveston Island Brewing
Klaus Brewing
Karbach Brewing
Platypus Brewing
Running Walker
Saloon Door
Under the Radar
Vallenson’s brewing

It’s become a bit of tradition around here for us to do big giveaways whenever we cover festivals, but the 10th Anniversary of BrewMasters Craft Beer Fest 2019 is gonna be special.


Here’s what we have so far:

Hopefully, somebody reading this can change this headline from DeFalco‘s homebrew closing to DeFalco‘s homebrew sells to a new owner.

Beer Chronicle
1 Nicky Davis Glass
4 Tickets to Brewmaster’s Craft Beer Festival BrewHaha Grand Tasting

Mixed 4 pack
4 pack of Hall Pass

6 pack of Houston Haze
4 pack of Aggressive Additions

Running walker

Mixed 4 pack
FUN Teku

Under the Radar
2 Shirts
2 Glasses
Tap room tokens

11 Below

Brazos Valley Brewing
$50 gift card


Eureka Heights
Taproom tokens

Galveston Island Brewing
6 Pack of beer
2 Glasses


Southern Star
5 cases of beer

So head over to Instagram, follow us, and stay tuned for the details on the giveaway.

Winners will have to pick up their massive haul from us while we’re at the festival, so you may as well get your tickets now and use the tickets you win to give away to friends and enjoy the festival with friends!

Use code “BC” for $5 off BrewHaHa General Admission, and if your favorite breweries aren’t in attendance, hit them up and ask them why not?

Here’s some of the loot at stake in the Instagram giveaway:

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