Brew of H, No Label Brewing



Brew of H

No Label Brewing

Katy, TX


ABV: 6.0%

IBUs: 69


Packaging: Draft



Brew of H Red IPA is a high quality beer, although the pints I tried weren’t exactly that red hue that I had expected. Brew of H had a good head and lace in the glass. Initially, it has a punch of hops, and then it smoothes out with malty sweetness in every sip. Brew of H has a good mouth feel. Starts off like a West Coast IPA then finishes closer to a bock.

The University of Houston is the alma mater of No Label Brewing’s founders, so it’s no surprise they would come up with a brew to honor the Coogs! This is a collaboration between No Label Brewing, Brew Heart Apparel, and Calhoun’s Rooftop. Very cool concept and one that continues to grow, I hope! No Label Brewing isn’t scared to push the envelope with their creations. They have Jalapeño, Hatch, and Lavender flavored beers! Brew of H isn’t as daring as a Lavender beer, however you don’t see a lot of breweries releasing a Red IPA, either. I hope that the other breweries take notice and raise their creativity game a bit too.

I gave Brew of H a 4 star rating. It’s a good, borderline great beer, so the creativity bumps this from a 3 and a half to a 4 star beer. I had really high expectations for this beer, and it lived up to the hype. Keep pushing the limits on both beer and creativity!


Brew of H features genius artwork! It’s the classic “Cougar paw” hand sign holding a beer bottle. They branded this beer perfectly.

Currently Brew of H is only available on draft, for a full list of where you can find a pint please visit CardiacCoogs.com!

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