Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches



Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches

Brazos Valley Brewing Company

Peach Witbier
ABV: 5.2%
IBUs: 20
Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans

Movin’ to the country. Gonna eat me a lotta peaches… ahh, never mind. We’re in the throes of this 9th circle of hell, hot, humid, Houston summer… so light, fruity beers are definitely on my radar. Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches popped up, and I’m a sucker for anything peachy.

Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches comes in a yellow can with a big fat peach sitting in the bed of an old green pickup truck. This can’s actually a Willin’ Pale Ale can with a sticker on it, but the actual cans have the same maroon badge at the top.

It poured like juice, but not like all these hazy IPAs; it poured like actual juice. It looked like the Goya peach nectar that comes in the blue cans. The bright orange glow held the airy white head for a moment before it fell.


The aroma was like jamming my nose into a peach and snorting the flesh. Sweet, white peaches dominate the subtle spicy notes that are characteristic of a wit.

The flavor of Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches was refreshingly tart. It’s a super crushable beer for summer. The peaches are prevalent from start to finish on the sip, and it’s perfectly balanced. When it comes to fruited beer, I always want balance, and Millions of Peaches offers that. The tangy finish is clean and dry with no bitterness at all. There’s some tiny nectar-like grit on the mouthfeel that’s even visible on the side of the glasses – AKA IT’S THICC. There’s also little to no bitterness on the finish.

Aside from them both being peachy and them both being ales, it’s nothing like Redd’s Peach Ale, but it may be a good alternative if you’ve got a friend that drinks that. Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches is far more bold and tart.

You can find Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches on draft from Houston to San Antonio to Austin, and of course in Brenham. Total Wine and HEB have cans as well.


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Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches

Overall Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches was killer. I loved it. Brazos Valley has continued to grow at a solid rate, and I think it’s because of well-executed beers like this. The peaches dominate in some ways, but they’re super balanced in others. I freaking dig it. If not for the lack of head and lacing, it’d probably be a perfect 5 star beer.

What’d you think about Brazos Valley Millions of Peaches? Was it all peachy keen, or did you think it was rotten? Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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