Brazos Valley 13th Can by Tam



13th Can

Brazos Valley Brewing Co.

Brenham, TX

Cream Ale

ABV: 5.6%

IBUs: 21

Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans

Beer Chronicle Sharing Houston Beer, Houston Astros stars in a row



We, Beer Chronicle, are proud to say that we do not discriminate against race, religion, sexual preference or brew style. In fact we are pro-brewery blend and if we could shout it from the roof tops, we would! We support those pioneers who think that Bohemian hops can be combined with fresh malts from the west coast, or that a beer can be aged in cedar raspberry whine barrels. I say all this to insist that this next review is not (I REPEAT IS NOT) a crack at this Cream Ales idea or packaging.

When I picked up this brew at my local HEB, I knew it would cause just the slightest turmoil in my household since my beloved wife is a “Texas Ex” (University of Texas Alumni).

Instead of having an argument over a silly thing like having a beer can that pays homage to her hated former rivals, I did the sensible thing, and I hid that bastard. (I hid it all the way in the back of the fridge, behind leftovers, and other cans of beer. Well, she found it and hence why I created this post in such haste, lol).

13th Can is a Cream Ale that is created in the style of American Lager and is finished with flaked corn and cascade hops. When poured, this brew gives a pale gold color with absolutely no head. What little lace is present, is created by the tipping of your glass to your (burnt orange loving) lips (hehe).

The start of this brew is extremely sweet and has an evident dry mouthfeel. There is a fresh bread aroma that fills your nostrils as you drink, which combines quite nicely with that crisp finish.

In terms of light beers this is among the higher in ABV content, but I could see why it would go well with a tailgating function; it doesn’t overwhelm your collegiate food of choice.




13th Can is decorated in The Devil/Satan’s maroon that causes drinkers to suddenly relive their High School football glory days and is known to cause overaggressive adult league flag football type tendencies to emerge; just joking people. The label is decorated in maroon and white as well as a pair of football players are front in center with a black and white cover.

But wait! Here’s a mystery that may intrigue you. What team do those two players represent? I did some research, and those helmets do not have the A&M symbol nor any college football team I recognize (que the ominous music). Maybe one of our loyal followers will let us know…#challenge

If you don’t know much about Brazos Valley Brewing, I would implore you to go to their site and venture to their brewery in Brenham. They are creators of delicious brews such as Mama Tried (Tony wrote about that HERE) and hold multiple medals in several craft beer competitions.

Brazos Valley Brewing is proud to proclaim that the 13th Can is “The official brew of armchair quarterbacks everywhere. Whether you are tailgating, BBQing, or in front of the screen, it’s the perfect game-day beverage.”

I tend to agree and thus why I give this beer a 3, it’s a beer you can have while sitting on your tailgate with friends while discussing Johnny Footballs latest antics or if a certain team deserves to be in the SEC. Regardless, I say grab a six pack (you may need to hide it in a koozie) and prep your vocal chords for some screen shouting. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Oh and of course “Beers to you, Houston!” (Hook em Horns!)


Tam Pham
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