Brash EZ – 7 by Tam



EZ – 7

Brash Brewing Company

Houston, TX


ABV: 5%

IBUs: 80


Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans




So I know what you’re thinking, “Didn’t Beer Chronicle already do a review on EZ-7?” Well the answer is yes, but here at Beer Chronicle our mission isn’t to cater to one type of beer drinker but to all beer drinkers, hence we all have different taste buds; don’t worry we’re looking out for you.

The name caught my attention first, “EZ – 7” from Brash Brewing company, a beer that reminded me of my “Emo” teen years filled with angst, confusion and what I believed was rebellion (I figured out later I was not being rebellious but just an annoying kid).

Now, my experience with American Pale Ale’s are limited and me not being a huge fan of them decided to take the preverbal bullet for research sake. The beer arrived frothy and dark, a whisky brown liquid that looked to be almost heavy and thick.

I believed that because it was an APA, the consistency would not rival most other international IPA and wow was I dead wrong. It’s ominous and intimidating design should have warned me that this was the ale you could not mess with. The after taste of hops still lingered strong after one gulp, and clung to my tongue. I, not usually being a fan of APA’s, wanted more. One beer quickly turned into two, and like that it became my go to for that night.



Throughout my research into this brewery, I found it was leagues ahead of most Houston Brewers since their distribution stretched to 7 different states on both the East and West coast. The artwork as you can see is a representative of Brash Breweries belief on craft beers that it’s not always liked, it’s underground, it’s edgy and we are damn proud of it.

A profound beer that I strongly recommend for any devout APA or IPA drinker, one that surely will not disappoint. So we here at Beer Chronicle have given it our blessing but what about yours? We want to know what you think of it, is it perfect the way it is or is it missing the mark? Let us know!

Tam Pham
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