Brash Cortado By Sam


Brash Cortado

Brash Brewing

Houston, Sheppard

Imperial Milk Coffee Stout

ABV: 10%

IBUs: 25


Packaging: Draft, Growlers, Crowlers



Who doesn’t love coffee and doughnuts? Brash Brewing recently released their imperial milk coffee stout, Cortado, once again this year. This year, they released it with “Ale Satan” coffee mugs on Saturday morning at 10 am with doughnuts from Hugs and Doughnuts.

After stopping by Spindletap for some Houston Haze, I found the rest of the Houston craft beer scene at Brash. After missing out on the doughnuts at the event, I made sure to take a crowler home to enjoy with doughnuts at home!

While Brash canned Cortado last year, this year’s release is draft only with growlers and crowlers to go.

The crowler label is the expected Brash metal background that true metal heads will get, but others may not have a clue. The Ale Satan logo that appears on most Brash swag these days is clearly visible on the label. I really hope Brash cans Cortado again in the future because the artwork was killer!  The skull tongue drinking out of the beaker really matched the beer experience.

Now on to the important part of the review, how’s it taste (Chappelle Show fans fill in the blanks)?

Simply put, if you like beer and you like coffee, you’re going to love Cortado. Brash is all local, and they use beans from Southside espresso in Cortado.

The nose is straight coffee and the taste is right there with it. While drinking Brash Cortado, it’s really easy to forget you’re having a beer.

The mouthful on Brash Cortado is smooth and bold just like coffee while being thin but holding up well. Obviously, stouts are lower on the carbonation scale but the carbonation on this beer is just right and even mirrors the pour of a cup of coffee. My wife and I really enjoyed the doughnut pairing and agreed the combination was fantastic! If you have a free morning I highly recommend the experience!

The color of Brash Cortado is pitch black; just like a real coffee drinker’s morning mug. It has a nice, well-rounded lacing around the mug, glass, snifter, or whatever vessel in which you choose to enjoy it. While they drink differently, the closest Houston beer when discussing coffee flavor is 8th Wonder Rocket Fuel. I’ve never tried the Goose Island Bourbon County Coffee Stout, but I would be curious to try the macro vs local coffee comparison.

Brash is known for the stouts, and Cortado doesn’t disappoint. I’m giving it a solid 4 star rating because it’s true to the style with that Brash-over-the-top flavor profile. Coffee and beer lovers rejoice and enjoy while it’s around town as Brash rotates its stouts throughout the year.


Cortado is distributed around town so you can find it on taps fairly easily. Brashland also has it on tap when it’s available, and it’s an experience within itself.

Did anyone else enjoy the Saturday morning doughnut party? Or were you stuck at the house like me, compensating with Hugs and Donuts’ finest? Let us know in the comments below!

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