Best Beer Bars To Visit in Houston


Best Beer Bars To Visit in Houston

Beer bars in Houston are a dime a dozen, but a few of these icons have deep roots in Houston’s beer culture while others are helping define it.



The Best Beer Bars in Houston, Texas

Beer has been a past time in Houston for over a century. Many bars have come and gone, as have many breweries, but one thing that remains is Houston’s love for beer and the people that make and serve it. Some people love its flavor and pair it with some of the best food the country has to offer in this melting pot of a city. It has also played a vital part in social drinking and celebrations for many years.

Furthermore, many people concede beer is the perfect drink to go with popular drinking games, such as flip cups, beer pong, and king’s cup. It is the typical first choice of some people who want to relax with friends.

If you visit Houston, you can find several unique and fantastic places that serve excellent beers, food, and other drinks. Many of them have been operating for a long time.

Houston is a cosmopolitan city celebrated for its space and scientific contributions. However, as a tourist, you would like to experience the nightlife, drink beer, and have fun with your friends in the city.

We have listed some of the best beer bars in Houston, perfect for beer lovers and anyone who would love to drink beer while in the city.


1. Southern Yankee Crafthouse

This gastropub specializes in beer, food, and comfort, and it was Anthony’s spot of choice for Father’s day last year. It offers a casual environment with a full bar and indoor-outdoor seating. We’ve been in love with this family since their first location opened off of 1960, and while a lot has changed with their business, not much has changed with our love for them!

Every week the pub introduces one or two new beers on average. They also showcase their wood-fired Neapolitan-style pizza and various house-made, local, and seasonal items.

Furthermore, they offer a rotating selection of more than 15 craft and barrel-aged beers. They also serve a selection of signature craft cocktails and specialty house sodas.


2. D&T Drive Inn

D&T Drive Inn is a laid-back and unpretentious beer place in the city. From ice-purveying convenience stores, this beer place has become one of the most popular.

It has preserved the ice house tradition while delivering modernity to beautiful anachronism. This place is known for its diverse selection of craft beer, outdoor patio, and bar food.


3. Axelrad Beer Garden

This neon beer garden, established in 2015, is a relaxing outdoor place for people who love beer, good food, and live music. You can spend all day in a hammock while enjoying a pint of beer and good music.

The bar’s location was originally a small grocery store. It was converted into a lively beer place where people could enjoy their beers, wine, pizza, and live music.

Furthermore, its historic interior features tap handles, seating, and textiles made by several artists and designers. Various local plants surround the vicinity for all the plant lovers like us.


4. Nobi Public House

It started as a Shell station selling various craft beers and converted into a freestanding pub. Nobi Public House offers the best brews in the Clear Lake area. They also serve excellent Vietnamese-American fusion food.

They offer more than 50 craft beer options available in cans and bottles and have been a destination for big releases. Also, it would be best if you try their delicious pork fries as it’s one of their best dishes.

Their friendly crew will assist you in navigating a tap list composed of several great beers and drinks selections, often including new-to-market releases.

Furthermore, this beer place is ideal for those who have pets. Your dogs can join you at their outdoor tables on the patio.


5. Flying Saucer Downtown

One of the best beer bars downtown and is known for its UFO Club. Their club encourages beer enthusiasts and tourists to try as many different brew styles as possible.

Flying Saucer Downtown offers more than 200 beers, and consuming almost 200 beers will get you into the Beer Knurd ring of honor.

You will love its calm and relaxed atmosphere. They also serve a full menu of wings, sandwiches, pizza, and fries, and they’re dang good too! It’s been a while since we’ve made it out here, and we’re due for a trip.



Visit the Best Beer Bars in Houston

Houston has plenty of great places that serve excellent beers and delicious food. If you are a beer enthusiast or want to experience the nightlife in the city, the sites mentioned are some of the bars you must visit. You will definitely enjoy the experience, food, and beer in the city.

Beers to you, Houston.


Beer Chronicle Team
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