BAKFISH Mooring Line Amber by Tony



BAKFISH Mooring Line Amber

BAKFISH Brewing Co.


Amber Ale

ABV: 5%

IBUs: ?


Packaging: Draft, Growler



Week before last, we met with Kris of BAKFISH Brewing for a Brewery guide write up. While we tried everything they had on tap at the time, we each left with a growler, and I opted for the Mooring Line. It’s a solid Amber Ale, and is a great beer for pairing with food.

If you’re a seamen, you may know what a mooring is. *Giggles a little*

But for the rest of us, it’s something stationary that a boat or ship is tied off to piers, wharfs, jetties, anchor buoys, and mooring buoys. Almost all of BAKFISH’s brews have some sort of nugget of nautical wisdom tied to them.

I busted open the growler as I prepared dinner for the following day. I was making Pho and Banh Mi with some recipes Tam gave me, and I decided I’d add a little beer in the recipes. But more on that another time.

BAKFISH Mooring Line Amber doesn’t have much artwork to speak of, as it’s not canned yet, but the tap wall has it written in blue and orange, and BAKFISH’s taphandles are wooden with their logo sitting prominently at the top, if you should find it on tap somewhere.

Mooring Line Amber pours with the slightest of haziness and a rich copper-brown color. There’s a solid two-fingers of foamy head that sinks as quick as the Titanic, but it leaves a fine layer in its wake that rests at the top as you drink it. There wasn’t much lace to speak of.

Mooring Line has a mild nose of malty caramel and no hops. There’s a tiny alcohol note as it warms. The taste is a bit more impressive.

It starts off mild and nutty, and that builds for a long finish filled with more caramel and malt notes, again with very little hop bitterness on the finish. It’s medium bodied with light carbonation, but he hop flavors and aromas are minimal.

BAKFISH Mooring Line Amber could be a decent offering to someone that lives by Shiner Bock, although they differ quite a bit. As far as local craft is concerned, it reminds me of 1836 Copper Ale with a less bitter finish and hop flavor or maybe Platypus’ The Ranga Red Ale, but not as sweet.

It’s a good beer, as was everything we had at BAKFISH. Nothing less than a 3 star across the board, but Mooring Line is getting 3.5 for me because it’s on-style, tasty, and it was the icing on my cake for my pork marinade for my Banh Mi, even though I only used an ounce or two.


Mooring Line Amber is currently draft or growler only, but you can find their beers can be found at watering holes south of I-10.

BAKFISH Mooring Line Amber was another good beer from the BAKFISH boys. You been hooked by BAKFISH yet, or nah? Let us know what your fav from them is in the comments below. Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

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