BAKFISH I Tell You Wit by Hannah



BAKFISH I Tell You Wit

BAKFISH Brewing Company



ABV: 5.1%

IBUs: 14

Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans, Growlers



Dear Summer Beers,

I love you. Please never leave me.



Does anyone else loathe the thought of delicious, crisp, refreshing summer beers slowing fading into oblivion? Have you recently encountered your first oktoberfest on the shelves of your local grocery store? Does this enrage you similarly to seeing Valentine’s Day candy available in December?


Anyone at all??!

In an attempt to stave off reviewing fall beers for another few weeks, I happily cracked open a BAKFISH I Tell You Wit. Immediately, before even bringing my nostrils to the can, huge bursts of orange peel and coriander engulf the room. If you are not a fan of citrus, and orange in particular, take a step back and move quickly away from the I Tell You Wit.

After coming to my senses, and realizing I wasn’t actually transported to a luscious orange grove in sunny, southern Florida, I furthered my investigation. BAKFISH I Tell You Wit pours beautifully with a finger and half of thick, froathy white head that stands for quite some time. It resembles a cloudier glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Oh yes, the juice is loose y’all!

Keeping with the profile of orange juice, I Tell You Wit sips incredibly smoothly, with a light body and moderate carbonation. Bold flavors of sweet orange and spicy coriander devour the palette in a delightful balance that veers towards malt-oriented.

The taste of I Tell You Wit is never overpowering or overly acidic, and finishes mildly spicy. The low alcohol content, along with it’s smooth and refreshing qualities, make this witbier a summer crusher.


I shall leave you with one piece of advice: head down 45, yes allll the way down- past 610, past Beltway 8- and go visit the crew at BAKFISH Brewing Company! The guys went out there recently and really enjoyed themselves. Whether you make a day of exploring unknown territory (gasp, outside the loop!), or you make a pit stop on your way to Galveston, I Tell You Wit begs to be enjoyed.

However, if you can’t make it to BAKFISH to try I Tell You Wit or one of their mighty fine other brews (maybe Razzle Snake or Mooring Line Amber ), look for 6-pack cans in one of the many grocers around the city.

What are you sipping in the final weeks of summer beer season? Orange you sad the season is almost over?! Have you made it out to Pearland to give I Tell You Wit a try? Let me know below. Beers to you, Houston! 🍻

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