BAKFISH Circle Hook IPA by Tam



Circle Hook IPA

BAKFISH Brewing Co.

Pearland, TX


ABV: 6.5%

IBUs: 65

Packaging: Draft




So do we have any readers that consider themselves fishermen?

My earliest memory of fishing was arriving before sunrise to Surfside Beach and sitting on the jetty with my “Ugly Stik” fishing pole and a small portable cooler to keep my shrimp alive. My personal favorite tool was the Circle Hook, due to the rarity of it being swallowed as well as successfully latching on to the lips of the fish.

Well it must have been fate that day the Beer Chronicle Team visited Bakfish Brewing for a Brewery Guide interview. Upon the tap room beer board, gleaming in all its artistic chalk beauty, I saw the bold lettering of Circle Hook IPA. As soon as our interview was over, each author was generously given a mini-growler full of their beer of choice for our reviewing pleasure, and I grabbed Circle Hook.

Circle Hook IPA pours a light gold with a substantial amount of head that settles into a thin lace after a few moments. The aroma is not overly pungent in “dankness” but gives off a fruity scent perhaps from its mango and pineapple notes. The start is smooth but ends with a delicious bitter punch that is popular among IPA fans. Its dry finish leaves the drinker with a lingering taste of hop that is surprisingly not too harsh and could be acceptable for non-craft drinkers. Maybe?




Currently, Circle Hook IPA can only be found in local vendors or specific pubs/bars in draft form.

When we asked about releasing this beer as well as others we were given a simple answer of “When the people of Houston start to demand more, then that’s what our next canning will be, but until then we got to keep the lights on.” It makes sense that by playing to the demands of the audience will a brewery be able to reach those dreams they set out to accomplish; perfect example is the Father of Houston Breweries, St. Arnold.

Unfortunately the only way you can make a decision on this concoction is by finding an establishment that serves it or (and we HIGHLY SUGGEST IT) traveling down to Pearland, pulling up a stool, and getting Kris (Owner, Operator, Brewer, Handyman, Accountant, Masked Vigilante, Etc.) to give you a cold pint; just don’t forget to leave us your comments below.

“Beers to you, Houston!”

Tam Pham
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