BAKFISH All Y’all by Tony






Golden Ale

ABV: 6.5%

IBUs: 15

Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12oz cans, Growler



Before visiting them a few weeks ago, I’d only ever had Defying Gravity DIPA from BAKFISH. So last time I saw some cans, I grabbed some All Y’all and I’ll Tell You Wit, but they’ve just been sitting in my fridge awaiting a write up alongside a few dozen others. Too much beer, not enough time!

I saw a comment on Chris’ Defying Gravity review that mentioned something about not being too impressed with any of their beer besides that one, so I had to get to “work”.

The BAKFISH All Y’all cans are orange, yellow and white, with the yellow dominating the canvas. The background is a pattern of little Texas shapes and the white type sits atop that on orange bands. Pretty simple, but also easy to spot.

All Y’all Golden Ale pours a smooth deep gold with a little head that disappears quicker than all y’all after a barbecue when it’s time to clean up! There’s no lace to speak of.

As I brought it to my nose, All Y’all Golden Ale smelled almost like apple juice. There’s a really sweet nose with hints of fruit and grain.

All Y’all’s taste follows the nose perfectly. It starts off with a honey-like sweetness and ends with bready notes and a very subtle hop bitterness on the back of the palette. Perfect for a British Golden Ale.

It reminds me a bit of Boomtown Blonde, although I think SpindleTap would probably take the L in a blind taste test. To be honest, I don’t care much for blondes or golden ales as a style, but when you write for a beer blog, you gotta get over yourself for the cause from time to time.

BAKFISH refers to this beer as the one for All Y’all, and rightly so. I think it’s mild enough to share with folks who are still drinking macros, and I can appreciate that. One thing Kris mentioned when we sat with him was brewing beer that was approachable, since their audience is definitely not ready for big, crazy beer. A crazy big stout or a DIPA won’t win anybody over, but these mild beers will.

I’m going to give BAKFISH All Y’all 3 stars. It’s it’s fairly well-executed for the style despite the fact that I don’t personally love it. However, having it at the brewery it was much better than in the can I got from Total Wine. Stuff seems to sit on their shelves longer than it should in my experience. I didn’t make a note of the date on the can, unfortunately.


You can find BAKFISH All Y’all in cans at Total Wines all over town and in HEBs and Specs south of I-10. Kegs of their beers can be found at watering holes south of I-10 as well. They’re currently working on expanding further West or further North, just not sure which one yet.

All in all All Y’all was allllright by me. Not my fav, but definitely a good beer. They’ve got a few others that I enjoyed a bit more personally, and those reviews are on their way. Nick already posted one on Goat Roper Brown Porter, and he digged. You had any BAKFISH beers lately? What’d you think? Let us know below! Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

Anthony Gorrity

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