Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison



Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison

Back Pew Brewing

Porter, TX
Raspberry Ginger Saison
ABV: 7%
IBUs: 28
Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans (limited run)

Smug. Self-righteous. Self-absorbed. None of these words describe Back Pew, so Garnet Pietist feels almost like a tongue and cheek name for this beer. I think the Garnet part comes from the beer’s color as well as Cameron Dillmann of the Denver based traveling beer blog, Garnet Heart. Cameron introduced us to Bobby back when he lived in Houston, for our Back Pew Brewery Guide back when we first started.

Anyhow, this Raspberry Ginger Saison shines like the gem that bears the same name. Back Pew will be one of the many breweries in attendance at the BrewMaster’s Craft Brew Festival in Galveston from Aug 31 – Sep 2, 2018. Use code “BC” for $5 off BrewHaHa General Admission (valid through 8/10).

The artwork of Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison plays up the saints/sinners concept that Back Pew has been working with. It’s a bright, raw, aluminum can that shines on the shelf like the halo of an angel. There’s a bit of red and black text on it as well as a white top with a red tab; that’s because Garnet Pietist is a saint beer, or a lighter beer of Back Pew’s offerings.

Back Pew Garnet Pietist poured like a summer dream. Bright reddish-amber with an almost-white, pastel-pink head. It’s slightly opaque due to the saison yeast.

The aroma of Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison is earthy, spicy, and slightly funky, again due to the yeast. And the Raspberry and floral-ginger notes rise up like the church choir singing a hymn.

The flavor of this beer is terrifically crushable. Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison starts off light and tart. Furthermore, there’s a bright re-appearance of the raspberry, and the finish is mildly bitter, but it’s not a hoppy bitterness. Instead, it’s more like a fruity bitterness, almost like unripened fruit, but in a “give me another one” kind of way. There’s a spiciness that lingers like a perfect kiss, along with the bitterness and funk, unlike a perfect kiss.

It’s light to medium in mouthfeel, and the finish is dry like champagne. The carbonations isn’t as lively as other saisons I’ve had, but that’s not detracting anything from the beer.

Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison is unique in many ways, so I don’t have a good comparison for it. But I’ll tell you this much, it’s a super-duper crushable beer that oughta be part of their summer seasonals. I think I’ll save a few of these for the river.

Since Back Pew Garnet Pietist is limited run, you probably better get out and find it before it’s gone. I got mine at HEB, and I’ve seen other limited run beers from Back Pew at Total Wine. Just be sure and check the dates!

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Back Pew Garnet Pietist Saison

Back Pew Garnet Pietist is a collaboration in the most awesome way. Breweries collaborate with other breweries all the time. That’s amazing. Other breweries partner with other local businesses to reach new audiences, and that’s cool too! But when a beer drinker becomes a collaborator, that’s pretty special to us. Can we call dibs on the next collab!?

Let us know what you thought of Back Pew Garnet Pietist by rating it below, or in the comments. Beers to you, Houston!

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