Back Pew Blue Testament by Tony



Back Pew Blue Testament

Back Pew Brewing



ABV: 5.2%

IBUs: 29


Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans



When we visited Back Pew to meet with Bobby and Cameron, we were anxious to try a few of their bigger beers, so I personally opted to pass on this.


Bobby kept pumping it up, saying we had to try it. He also shared that they’d be running some cans of it soon, so we were super excited to get our paws on a few six packs from the first ever run. Mind you, this was fall 2016.

Back Pew Blue Testament is a good pilsner that represents well for the style. I don’t spend my days hunting pilsners, so my opinion may be off a bit, but it’s just that – my opinion.

That said this Blue Testament beer is crisp, refreshing and bold. Bold? Pils? Naah, cant be. Blue Testament is rocking a bit more bite than most. The nose is bready and flavor starts off with a delicate Hop bitterness. That subsides and is quickly followed by a blue-corn-fueled sweetness.

Bobby shared a funny story with us about sourcing the corn for his Blue Testament beer. He looked high and low all over Texas, but nobody was interested in selling the quality corn at such a low volume. Frustrated and at his wits end, he ended up finding an old farmer who was happy to be a part, and he continues to supply.

If you like Miller Lite, try this instead. It’s a bit bolder, though, so beware. It also stacks up well against a milder 5 O Clock Pils. If you haven’t had that yet, maybe start there.

I’m giving this Back Pew Blue Testament beer 3.5 stars because it’s a good, solid beer.

My Blue Testament beer poured a clear golden color with a foamy head that died quickly but left behind a little bit of lace. It’s light-bodied with a silky mouthfeel and nice crisp carbonation.

It’s a pils, so I wasn’t super stoked. However, Bobby pumped it up quite a bit, so my expectations were high. I don’t think it’s their best beer, but it’s a good one for sure!


We actually grabbed several six packs of Back Pew’s very first can run. We gave some away, we’ve saved some as momento, and we drank the rest. We got the ones pictured from Total Wine 249/1960, but you can find it on tap at a few places around town (disregard that Taphunter has it listed as a lager).

Back Pew Blue Testament is great. It’s a beer that’s light and true to style yet somehow bold enough to appeal to a craft drinker. It’s just a little passed the threshold of a beer you want to give to your macro-drinking friend, as it may be too much for them.

What’d you think about Back pew Blue Testament? Did it leave you blue, or did it make you want to raise both hands and testify? Let us know below. As always, beers to you, Houston.

Anthony Gorrity

Anthony's a Houston native, a Creative Strategist at https://ledgeloungers.com/, an adjunct instructor of Visual Communication at Lone Star College, and a UH Coog that loves good beer almost as much as he does his city. Anthony lives to help others and that's found a home helping some of the coolest breweries on earth with creative and marketing projects that can be seen on our Portfolio page. Fueled by hoppy lagers, sessionable IPAs, and gangster rap, he's ticked his way through H-Town, rocking the most unusual Nikes he can find. When he's not writing for us, he's with his family or very patiently rooting for the Rockets.

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