Back Pew Blue Testament by Tam



Blue Testament

Back Pew Brewing Company

Porter, TX

American Pilsner

ABV: 5.2%

IBUs: 30


Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans




Back Pew Brewing caught my attention with their ingenious idea of two distinct genres on their craft style. This includes the division of “Sinner” and “Saint” brews. Sinners are harder in alcohol content and bigger in flavor while Saints are mellow and smaller. I almost see it as the leveling up, or in this case leveling down to experience Back Pew’s quality beer work.

So in order to get to Hell, I gotta go through Heaven.

I began my journey to Dante’s seven stages with a visit at St. Peters pearly gates in the form of Blue Testament. This Beer, in my opinion, is the best “Bridge” beer I have ever had. Many of my friends and associates, whom are devout ABV drinkers, have never thought of trying craft just because of either its “un-manly” fruit tastes or overly pungent bitterness. Blue Testament would convert them in a single heartbeat.

This delicious concoction has the exact airy fragrance as any regular pilsner. Even to the moment of consumption the aroma stays true. The taste, though, is far from just some ordinary pilsner. It starts with a hard bitter punch and smooths to a sweet finish. Blue Testament has a beautiful golden color of straw that is accompanied with a layer of thick foam that will last the entire duration of the beer; down to the last drop. I couldn’t think of a better beer to head down south with to watch an Astro’s game or fish on the Brazos, in essence my go to “Country Beer.”

If I had to say something bad about Blue Testament, I would say that the Brew Master met his intentions by making an average pilsner that hints on greatness. It’s almost a tease at what this brew could be but intentionally made to bridge that gap between craft veteran and craft “toe-dipper.”



The packaging reminds me of Brash Brewing, with its dark colors and grunge style art work. Back Pew likes to be known as the “misfits” of beer, the guys who don’t always follow the rules and have an unapologetic attitude. All I can say is keep it up gents, you’re making great stuff.

I found Blue Testament to hit me in the Bible belt and give me that oh so warm “Holy” feeling, but hey I’m just one sinner trying to be a saint. Tell us what you think in the comments below. Beers to you, Houston!

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