Back Pew Addi’s Faith Kolsch



Back Pew Addi’s Faith Kolsch

Back Pew Brewing

Porter TX
ABV: 4.5%
IBUs: 22
Packaging: Draft, 6 pack 12 ounce cans

Addi’s Faith Kolsch is a special beer. Not because of how perfect it smells, how beautifully it pours, or how perfectly light and balanced the flavors are. Nope, Addi’s Faith Kolsch is all of those things, but even more than that, it’s a vehicle for hope.

Back Pew Addi’s Faith Kolsch was brewed in partnership with Addi’s Faith Foundation. They raise awareness and money for the fight against childhood cancer.

Back Pew’s owner and head brewer Bobby, reached out and shared with us, “They approached Back Pew to do a beer that can go out around town for people to see their logo, their name, and hopefully learn more about them. It would be huge to get their name out more and show that we can use beer as a tool in many different ways. It’s also an example of Houston folks helping Houston folks.”


You had us at raising awareness and money for the fight against childhood cancer, but Houston folks helping Houston folks is just the icing on the cake.

Since Addi’s Faith Kolsch is a limited run, it’s in the brite silver cans with the red and black text. They’re really minimal, but also really easy to spot on the shelves. This one gets straight to the point about the cause.

Back Pew Addi’s Faith Kolsch pours a crystal-clear, pale gold color, that almost sparkles with clarity. The chalk white head is pretty light and delicate; it doesn’t last for long.

The smell of Addi’s Faith is as pure as the blessed well water from which it was brewed. Light malt aroma is paired well with a subtle pear scent.

If the cause doesn’t make Addi’s Faith Kolsch fly off of the shelves, then the flavor will. This is as pure and true to style as a summertime Kolsch can get. The soft, crisp, balanced flavors of faintly sweet malt make way for dry finish free of hop bitterness. In other words, this is beer flavored beer, but it actually has some flavor to it.

This is a perfect beer to give to your BMC drinking buddies at a tailgate this September and October. Show me a global beer that’s using their cans as a vehicle to advertise for a cause like this, and I’ll drink it. Show me one that does all that AND tastes this good, and I’ll call you a liar. This beer is so fire, it’s not possible!

Where can you find Addi’s Faith Kolsch? Our friends Dawn and Rick at Hop Stop Humble have it on tap, and you can score some cans at Total Wine, HEBs, and Krogers that have a good craft selection.

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Addi's Faith Kolsch

This beer made it’s debut at the Brewmasters Craft Beer Festival in Galveston last weekend, and everybody we talked to absolutely loved it. In other words, it’ll be gone soon. It’s a supreme Kolsch in every sense of the beer, and even without being brewed to raise money and awareness to fight childhood cancer, it’d be a 5 star beer. Once you add that to the mix, this one has us asking our web guy to update the ranking system. “Can we do 6 stars of 5?”

The single best thing about this beer is that Addi’s father, the founder of Addi’s Faith, doesn’t even drink beer! He just knew that beer people were good people, and we’d all band together to help him champion the cause.

Let us know what you thought of it by voting below or telling us about it in the comments. Beers to you, Houston!

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