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PS I Love Ewe

Baa Baa Brewhouse



ABV: 6.9%


Packaging: Draft, 16oz Crowler


Doesn’t seem too often that two of us review beer by the same brewery… If you’ve kept up with our recent happenings, you’ll know that a few of us were out at Baa Baa Brewhouse to hand out glassware and drink the corresponding F U Harvey offerings they have on tap (Cat 3 and Cat 4). One of those that got a small release out of the sheep pen was PS I Love Ewe, another NEIPA from the husband and wife duo credited with the first NEIPA brewed in the Houston area.

Look at that JUICE in that glass! There’s so much talk about how NEIPAs look and taste like juice rather than beer. My wife saw my glass and seriously asked why I was drinking orange juice in one of my beer glasses. PS I Love Ewe has to be the haziest beer I’ve seen so far.

The aroma on PS I Love Ewe seemed to change every time I put my nose near it. At first, I got oranges, but the next time, I got grapefruit. Later, a blood orange aroma came to mind, which was later followed by peach. I wanted to just keep smelling PS I Love Ewe until I was sure snozberries were present in the aroma.

PS I Love Ewe had the typical soft, pillowy mouthfeel that an NEIPA should have, but it also felt heavy and full as it coated my whole palate. The most outstanding flavor was orange with a little bit of blood orange and a healthy dose of bitter hops. I could also taste some alcohol and realized that this beer was a little like a mimosa in its flavor profile. Do I like mimosas? Not really. Did I like this beer? Yeah. Very strange, but delightful all the same.

Here’s a nice thing… PS I Love Ewe is still available on draft out at the brewery. Also, Baa Baa Brewhouse just started making use of their new Crowler machine! You can now take this beer or any of their beers on draft home with you in a 16oz can. Great news indeed!

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PS I Love You is the epitome of STRAIGHT UP JUICE! It has the mouthfeel and haziness of an NEIPA and a bouquet of aromas that might trick you into just smelling the damn thing instead of drinking it. I don’t know if I’ve had another beer like this from Houston or from the New England purveyors of the style. Have you had a chance to try out PS I Love Ewe?

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Nick B

Nick is originally from the Corpus Christi area, but found himself in Houston as of 4 years ago. You can spot him wearing a Hooks hat and drinking a glass of craft beer around the city. He typically prefers his beers to mirror his taste in music: complex, heavy, and dark.

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