Baa Baa Brewhouse Meenie NEIPA by Chris




Baa Baa Brewhouse

Brookshire, TX


ABV: 7.6%



Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 12 ounce cans


Ennie Meenie miney mo catch a beer by the toe! Maybe nursery rhymes aren’t your thing, but I bet Meenie by Baa Baa Brewhouse will change your tune!

If you still haven’t tried what Baa Baa Brewhouse is cranking out in Brookshire, then you’re missing out for sure. We’ve been covering Baa Baa Brewhouse for a while now, and they’ve done nothing but put out high quality beer after high quality beer. Do yourself a favor, load up the family and try their awesome beers, you’ll just have to thank us later!

I’m not trying to be a meanie, but the artwork on Meenie is pretty simple. Meenie sports a bright pink background with black letters that pop off the can. No, the artwork isn’t crazy…. they saved the crazy for inside the can!

Meenie has a creamy mouthfeel with the super tropical fruity notes on the nose, just as you’d would expect. It has a nice head and lacing all the way down the glass. I’m not sure how Marcus and Kinga got this beer got to be 7.6% – tastes more like a 5% ABV. Meenie has all the hop aroma without the bitterness. The can I drank the day it was canned had a little spice taste to it, but the cans I’ve had since then, that spice flavor has gone away to none at all.

If you liked SpindleTap Juiceton or Hops Drop, maybe even a B52’s Wheez the Juice then Baa Baa Brewhouse Meenie would be right up your alley. While they’re not clones of each other, they’re pretty close. Really, if you’re a fan of the NEIPA style at all, you’ll enjoy Meenie for sure!

Baa Baa Brewhouse just released Meenie on 8/12/17 and it sold it in 30 minutes. They have another release of a beer called “Eclipse” coming reallly soon and about 5 more (literally) in the near future. These aren’t variations of the same beer. These are all different hop profiles and beers that stand on their own. If you missed the Meenie release, don’t miss these next ones, they’re just getting better and better and Marcus and Kinga have no plans on slowing down.

Meenie is a great beer. I gave it a 4.5 star rating and it’s a borderline 5 star beer but I’ll always round down when it’s on the edge. If you think it’s a 5 star beer, I wouldn’t argue with you.  If we’re being completely honest the difference between 4.5 and 5 is splitting hairs anyways. Bottom line is this…it’s a fantastic beer!


You can only purchase Meenie on the secondary market, but fear not for an Eclipse is coming soon! Baa Baa Brewhouse currently only self distributes and you best shot at getting their beer is at the brewery, but Drink of Ages and Hop Stop have been known to be able to get their hands on a few kegs!

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Baa Baa Brewhouse is going all in on NEIPAs and how can you blame them? It’s what the people want! Were you one of the lucky ones who was able to snag a 4 pack?

Let us know by voting below or tell us about it in the comments! Beers to you, Houston!

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