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ABV: 7%

IBUs: ?


Packaging: Draft, 32 oz Crowler


Chris grabbed me a crowler of B52 UPGRAYEDD the day they released and gave it to me when we met up for the Town in City interview. I like that guy. I don’t care what y’all say about him. He’s a pimp, metaphorically of course. Unlike Upgrayedd, an actual pimp from the cult classic Idiocracy. Idiocracy is a crazy movie about the future. U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d is a pimp played by Houston’s own Brad Jordan (AKA Scarface), where he spells his name with 2 D’s for a double dose of pimpin’.

The scariest part about all this is we’re inching closer and closer to that movie being reality. Gotta drink another beer…

B52 UPGRAYEDD is spelled with 2 D’s for a double dose of hopping and features a full wrapped Label on the can, unlike previous releases like Wheez the juice. The label is mostly black with white text, but there’s a photo of U-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d himself wearing an orange pimp suit that lines the top of the label and a bright green and at the bottom.

B52’s website was recently updated dramatically as well as their logo. Check it out. I’m really glad to see breweries taking their appearance seriously!

It pours a hazy golden-tan, not quite as bright and juice-like as so many that have come before it. B52 UPGRAYEDD had a thin white head that dipped out quicker thanU-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d at a sausage fest, and there’s no lace in sight. It looks almost like the non-alcoholic all natural apple cider.

B52 Upgrayedd smells of grapefruits, and pineapples from the dry hopping and a tiny little alcohol note plays the background. The aromas are ppowerful and ppleasant – two P’s for a double dose of aroma.

It tastes just as good as it smells. The first sip crashes onto your palette with the aforementioned fruity Hop notes as well as a sharp, crisp carbonation that makes this super refreshing. I’ve heard a few folks mention the carbonation is too high, but I think that’s idocracy.

With all these NEIPA’s, double, triple and quadruple dryhopping, this lane of hazy IPAs is widening quickly and there are more and more local comparisons to be made. That said, I didn’t make comparison notes while I was tasting it, and that ship has long sailed. Sorry, y’all.

I gave B52 UPGRAYEDD 4 stars because I think it’s great. I’ve been drinking craft for 6 or so years, but I’ve never had a favorite style of beer. Here in the last year since we started this blog, and I’ve began making notes and getting more serious about what I’m tasting, I’ve come to love these sort of beers the most.


B52 UPGRAYEDD probably won’t be around too long, but you can find it at Hop Stop, Drink of Ages Pub, the Heights Biergarten and a few other spots known for good beer.

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This one knocked it out the park, just as B52 has been doing in the last year. That’s why we chose them for 2016-2017 MVB. (Your trophies are on the way, guys/gals!) What’d y’all think of the double dose of hopping in UPGRAYEDD? Let us know and rate it below, or tell us about it in the comments below! Beers to you, Houston!

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  • Frito Lay
    Posted at 11:14h, 25 August

    A pimps love is very different from that of a square.

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