B-52 Wheez The Juice APA by Tam



Wheez The Juice APA

B-52 Brewing Company

Conroe, TX

Hazy (AF) American Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 45

Packaging: Draft, 16oz. Cans (Brewery Only)

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“If you’re edged ’cause I’m weazin all your grindage, just chill. ‘Cause if I had the whole brady bunch thing happenin’ at my pad, I’d go grind over there, so dont tax my gig so hard-core cruster.”

– The Great Scholar “Stoney” (Encino Man 1992)


Sup Bud-dy! Or Bud-dies! So im showing my age with these 90’s references, but I promise it is all for good reason. B-52 Brewing Company just released for one day only “Wheez The Juice” which pays pre-millennial homage to the cult classic Encino Man, that spawned the acting careers of A-list actor Sean Astin and Brendan Frasier as well as A-list to D–list actor Pauly Shore (let’s be honest the last time we all saw Pauly, he was arguing with some kid interviewer on Punk’d). Anyways, if you weren’t able to make it to the event don’t fret because I didn’t either (insert laughing face with tears emoji here), but my fellow authors were so generous that they secured me a can for my reviewing pleasure. You can also read Tony’s review, HERE!

As soon as I popped open that can, the fruity aroma’s and citrus notes hit me in the nose. I was pouring a good foot or two on my kitchen island and was flooded with these scents. Wheeze The Juice comes out all sorts of “Holy Chicken Soup for the Soul!” Just like the label warned this American Pale Ale is Hazy and thick. There is a thin layer of foam, but only lasts so long that in fact I had to drink and pour some more to get the shot. It has an awesome hoppy starter kick that mellowed into a bitter bite, and in all honesty there was no real comparison to what I have had in the past. The best way to describe this limited brew is that it reminded me of a double IPA with a shot of orange juice mixed in. I let the beer settle for about a minute and that allowed the hoppy beginning to settle down but not too much. Doing that gave me the opportunity to experience the other tasting notes that I had missed such as the pineapple and light touches of grassy undertones.




The can itself is nothing special, just aluminum with one rectangle label of the Encino Man character Link squeezing cherry ICEE slushie into his mouth, but unlike the can the brewery is pretty special. This company is owned by brothers Chad and Brent Daniel who like many other brewing companies took advantage of the new “Beer Codes” that was approved by legislature in 2013. B52 sits comfortable on a six acre piece of land in Conroe, where they create and sell their delicious concoctions. What makes them unique is that they seldom distribute but has generated quite a popular following that has kept their brew doors open financially successful and many are willing to purchase growlers and cases from their brewery on site.

I found Wheez The Juice to be a delightful set of “Betty Nugs” and hope that they decide to make this a permanent tap in their beer hall; If that ever ends up being the case ill jump into my “rad mobile” and hightail it to Conroe.

So you beer geeks…I mean “unique weasels” where you able to get a taste or are you like most millennials scratching your head over all these movie quotes? Let us know in the comments below, and as always “Weeze the Ju-Juice, Houston!”

Tam Pham
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