B-52 Tart Frenchie Blackberry by Sam



A Tart Frenchie Blackberry

B-52 Brewing


American Wild Ale

ABV: 6.6%

IBUs: 0


Packaging: Draft, 12 oz bottles



Are you going to Jester King for the release?  That is a common question uttered amongst Houston sour lovers.  Fear not mutha puckers, B-52 brewing is going to save you time and gas money.

This (newly turned) 3 year old Conroe brewery is no secret and produces solid beer in multiple styles.  Personally, I feel their sours really stand out.  The recent release of A Tart Frenchie Cherry, Blackbery, and Peach and Apricot along with their anniversary party, created the opportunity to purchase and enjoy several.

This week I’m a taking a closer look at B-52 Tart Frenchie Blackberry.  Blackberry Frenchie pours a lovely plum color with minimal head.  The lacing runs down the glass slowly in a classy way as you enjoy her.

The nose is your first clue as to how well balanced this delightful tart drinks.  She isn’t overpowering but the blackberry and sour are present.  Sours, especially barrel aged ones can look and smell the part but sometimes the taste isn’t quite there.  The blackberry doesn’t fall short here.


This sexy vixen starts you off with the smooth fruit flavor and finishes with a small sour note that’s very enjoyable.  My favorite part about her is, as you drink her the sour and pucker perk up nicely to enhance the experience.

The label art on the bottle is classy just like the beer.  The label is blue with “A Tart Frenchie” written in a fancy, white, cursive font.  A purple streak in the middle is labeled blackberry with the description of the beer.  The back of the label has a super cool diagram displaying the taste notes.  While B-52 distributes kegs all over the Houston area, this sassy lady is only available at the brewery.

However, a trip to this scenic brewery is more enticing than ever.  Now, along with their own bottles B-52 is selling guest beers!  Operations manager Marin Slanina was kind enough to confirm Frenchie bottles are still available in the cooler (while I was writing this).  She also sent me a copy of the guest bottle list for this weekend.  Bottles from Jester King, Collective, The Bruery,  and Jolly Pumpkin immediately jump off the list.

But wait there’s more!  B-52 is getting into the crowler game.  In fact they are brewing a special DIPA called u-p-g-r-a-y-e-d-d, for the crowler release tentatively scheduled for July 14.

But wait! There’s more! If you call in the next 2 hours, you’ll get a set of scissors that can cut through pennies! (This is a lie.)

ThisB-52 Tart Frenchie Blackberry is a very enjoyable experience.  If you’re new to sours but enjoy red wine then give her a try – you won’t be sorry.


I am giving her a solid 4.5 rating for the smoothness, amazing taste sensation, and hitting all the marks of a barrel aged fruited sour.

In a recent interview with Brent and Jessica Daniel from B-52, Matty D from Hopcast Houston thanks them for saving Houston sour lovers a three hour trip west. (You can check out Episode 3 here.)  I couldn’t agree more and this classy tart is one of the many examples that make Matty’s statement ring true. Do yourself a favor and make the quick drive north before she or any of her sisters are gone!

Have you tried any of B-52’s Frenchie series?  If so, let us know in the comments below. Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

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