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Astral Mind Waves DIPA


 Astral Mind Waves DIPA

Astral Brewing

Northside, Just North of 610 Loop
Double IPA
ABV: 8.2%
IBUs: ?
Packaging: Draft, 4 pack 16 ounce cans

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I’ve only had the pleasure of tasting a handful of Astral beers, but only a few of them were in cans. If I’m out and about with friends, I’d rather enjoy their company than dig into a beer review, so I’ve only had the chance to write about them a few times! Kraftwerk Kolsh and Nebulous Pale Ale were both solid as well, but Astral Mind Waves DIPA shows some awesome progression.

A few weeks back we joined a few generous folks at Astral for a food drive for the Houston Food Bank. Ken and Luis from The Pint Exchange, Marcus and O from Brew Bros, Whalepod Shippers, Star Sailor, and the H-Town Craft Sippers, and a bunch of other generous folks were able to donate 409 pounds of non-perishable foods and paper goods to the food bank.

While I was there, I couldn’t leave without a few cans! Since Mind Waves was one of their newest, I figured I’d go for that one. The label art is pretty dope, so I can’t lie, that caught my eye as well.

It’s a trippy-looking pink and blue matte label that’s quite a mind wave! A three-breasted, three-eyed woman with waves for hair made me wonder if I was seeing double. The black, white, and blue text all wrap around the can. It’s super wavy.

Astral Mind Waves doesn’t look real trippy. In fact, it’s spot on. Golden orange color with a thick, fluffy, off-white head, and more lace than your granny’s sittin’ room curtains! It’s hard to judge a beer on appearance alone, but Astral Mind Waves is top of mind for the style. Period.

When first cracked open the can, it smelled like a can of mixed fruit in the very best way. But once I stuck my beak in the Teku, the individual smells made themselves known. Big grapefruit rind, piney resin, and sweet oranges all appeared in a floral bouquet. Astral Mind Waves is hopped with Talus, Idaho-7, and CTZ, and each of them are awake and of sound-mind for this one. Talus brings the pink grapefruit and floral notes, Idaho-7 the sweet oranges, and CTZ the pineyness.

Man, the nose on this beer makes me really think about the comments that all hazy IPAs are samey. False. *Dwight Voice*

Time for a sip! The initial sip is sweet, candied-orange marmalade, and that sweetness lingers a bit. It’s not overpowering, but I do wish it were a bit more tame. A clean wave of grapefruit pith washes over, and the finish is bright with herbal tea notes that suck me in for another sip without being super dry. The CTZ’s piney bitterness is subtle but makes itself well-known alongside the herbal notes of the Talus. Wow. What a mind game of a beer with the way the flavors swell and subside with each sip.

Despite the 8.2% ABV, the body isn’t too heavy, and the mouthfeel is light and smooth with relatively low carbonation – smooth with no hop burn in sight. No turbidity here. The mouthfeel makes it drink a lot lighter than it is, so it’s a little sneaky.

This reminds me a bit of Sierra Nevada Hazy Lil Thing. I haven’t had that beer in a while, but for some reason, that’s the one that comes to mind when I drink this Astral Mind Waves DIPA. As far as I know CBC Cypress and Astral are the only places you can find this bad boy in person, or you can hit up Hop Drop. Get busy.

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As far as I know CBC Cypress and Astral are the only places you can find this bad boy in person, or you can hit up Hop Drop. Get busy.

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Astral Mind Waves DIPA

Overall, this is a really creative approach to an overworked style. “Hazy IPAs are all the same” is something I’ve heard or read more than a dozen times in the last few months. I can’t disagree because I can’t speak for what they’re drinking, but if you’re drinking Astral Mind Waves, naah. Sit down with that. The unique expression of each hop is imaginative and well-executed. I wish it were a notch less sweet and had a little more carb, but other than that, it’s nearly perfect.

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Beers to you, Houston! 🍻

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