A Texas Sized F. U. to Hurricane Harvey


A Texas Sized F. U. to Hurricane Harvey

Now that the sun is shining and Harvey is finally taking his ass outta here…

Good evening, dear readers.

It’s been hard to even bring myself (Nick) over to the computer to put this post together, as I, and the team, have had so much on our minds since last Wednesday when the forecasters started talking about Harvey. As I type this, I can hear helicopters flying above my home every 10 minutes or so, presumably rescuing people.

A few of us on the team have been fortunate that the historic flooding from Harvey did not approach our homes or threaten our families, but others have not been so lucky. Some of our team members have family that are still being dumped on by Harvey, or family that is trying to figure out how to start rebuilding their small communities in the Coastal Bend.

No doubt we have a long road ahead out there. The effects of this storm will be felt for months to come. We’ll talk to our kids about this storm (and probably avoid naming them Harvey).

It has been emotionally crippling to see family, friends, neighbors, and Texans suffer like this. The next few weeks will be the most crucial; as the damage is assessed and people try to return to some semblance of normalcy.



Thanks can’t be said enough to the first responders and the everyday people from all over the country for the bravery and compassion they have shown to their fellow man. If you are one of these people, you deserve a cold pint (or two or three or four) of your favorite suds because you are amazing. Cheers to you!

Thanks should also be given to the breweries and establishments that opened their doors before the storm to fill containers with water or beer. That is part of what makes this Houston beer scene so amazing… The love these people show to the city. That may be something that’s common all around the nation, but hey, there’s just something special about Screwston, alright?!

Beer has brought people together for thousands of years, as people use it to celebrate or commiserate. No doubt we here at Beer Chronicle went through our fair share of suds over the past 5 days; sending pictures of our fresh hops or aged stouts back and forth to each other to take our minds off the mayhem happening in our beloved city and for some of us just outside our doors.

There are a handful of breweries and bars that are opening up their doors now that the storm is moving out of the region. Most of them are collecting donations or are donating all of the money they make from sales toward flood relief. If you find yourself needing to get out and can safely make it to one of your favorite joints, treat yourself to a pint, donate if you can, and see if your fellow Houstonians need your help in any way.


While we are here to bring you our takes and thoughts on all the great Houston craft breweries and the beers they brew, we know that all of that is second fiddle to the health, safety, and well-being of all of you, whether you read our blog or not. Whether we are Houston natives or Houston transplants (like me), we’re Houstonians all the same.

The Beer Chronicle team has had plenty of time to think it over and we are already working to figure out some ways to maximize fundraising for victims of Harvey beyond what we have already made known. Those of you that donated to Big Beer Big Bird and didn’t request a refund, every penny you’ve given is being maximized for relief efforts.

We will be releasing details on that soon enough. All of us have already been donating to JJ Watt’s fund (seriously, that guy is a bad ass) through various beer related channels or directly. We have been getting our hands dirty as well with those affected in our immediate area.

Without all of you, we are nothing, and we feel it’s of the utmost importance to bring relief and aid however we can. If you can, donate where you see fit or help out whoever and wherever you can. We’ll be right there with you through this whole thing. Let’s show the rest of the nation that we have each other’s backs down here on the Third Coast. Beers to you, Houston and a Texas sized F. U. to Hurricane Harvey!

Beer Chronicle Team
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