8th Wonder Weisstheimer by Tam




8th Wonder Brewery

Houston, TX (Dallas St.)


ABV: 5.4%

IBUs: 10

Packaging: Draft, 12 oz cans




I close my eyes and I hear the chant of “Ein Prosit” being sung by hundreds of enthused German locals while the rhythmic sloshing of their steins are rocked backwards and forwards with proud arm thrusts.  If I concentrated hard enough, I could see young Deutsch youths enjoying their new found legal drinking privileges and stomping away in their lederhosen. Unfortunately, this is not the land of the Rhine but a Tex-Mex style cantina on Ralph Street in the greater Heights area of our beloved Houston.

I was enticed by the cantina’s promotion of one soft taco given per pint of Weisstheimer, I was even more enthused when I found out that 8th Wonder Brewery was hosting such an event. Weisstheimer was released this past May and its pun filled popularity has taken the “In the Loop” crowd by storm. I arrived early, and was the second or perhaps third patron who had made themselves comfortable at the bar; I took a quick breather to mentally prepare myself for what my wife would later tell me to be an unheard consumption rate of tacos and beer.

Weisstheimer is 8th Wonders newest creation that is modeled off of the German Hefeweizen brewing style. If you haven’t heard much about it on the forums, don’t fret, like I said it’s still in its infancy. This brew pours a golden tame liquid with practically no head and minimum bitters. Strong banana notes are the foundation of this brew but its light floral finish is what really surprises the drinker. If its objective was to match its German cousin’s goal of a summer beer to enjoy during those harsh Houston days, then it has succeeded. Not only does this brew quench ones thirst but pairs well with foods that you would have on any given Texan day; tacos, BBQ, tex-mex, etc.



*Photo Courtesy of Swamplot.com

The matching pint glass is a collectors must have. It follows the original curb level blue tile signs of Houston that can only be found at curbs of older city intersections. If you know a little Houston history then you know that many of these where created in the 1920’s and roughly only a 160 still exist; many destroyed through remodeling or chipped away by “Treasure” seekers. You can read all about it, or help save iconic Houston history by visiting the Blue Tile Project created by Joey and Kelly Sanchez.

I found this beer to be exactly what I needed on a hot pre-summer day (90’s and it isn’t even July yet) and it seems that most of downtown agreed since the particular restaurant I was enjoying these tasty beverages sold out in a few hours.

Don’t take our word on it, go and grab a few cans or head down to the brewery and let us know what you think in the comments below!

“Ein Prosit to you, Houston!”

Tam Pham
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