8th Wonder Brewing Rocket Fuel by Nick B



8th Wonder Rocket Fuel

8th Wonder Brewing

Houston, TX

Vietnamese Coffee Porter

ABV: 4.6%

IBUs: 18

Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans


As the weather hopefully gets a little colder and the nights feel longer, I am starting to make the switch to porters and stouts because I don’t need to drink them ice cold. 8th Wonder Brewing’s Rocket Fuel is a quick, go-to porter that will warm me up, but won’t leave me toasted if I have three or four. It’s a collaboration between 8th Wonder Brewing and Greenway Coffee Company here in Houston.

Sadly, the four pack of Rocket Fuel I bought this time was over-carbonated. Not to worry though because I have had enough of it, from the can to draft to nitro, that I feel I can confidently say this was a one-off occurrence. All of the head aside, Rocket Fuel poured black as the night sky over Johnson Space Center. The nose smelled of dark chocolate and coffee.

Rocket Fuel has a light mouthfeel with tons of flavor and it makes for an easily drinkable experience. Literally think about dark chocolate milk and you are close to how this beer tastes. The milk sugar and the Vietnamese coffee come together nicely with the sweet up front and coffee bitterness on the back end. Rocket Fuel is good no matter which way you have it. If you are looking for a more pronounced mouthfeel, I suggest finding it on nitro somewhere.


The can design for Rocket Fuel is red, silver, and black. It looks similar to other cans from 8th Wonder, but this one has a rocket is blasting off towards the top of the can. I like the design overall and I like to think that it not only speaks to the name, but what to expect from this beer.

I gave Rocket Fuel 4 stars because of its flavor profile and how sessionable it is for a style that I don’t typically think of as such.

You know you wanted to be an astronaut at some point as a kid, and you probably definitely loved chocolate milk, so let us know if this beer had you reminiscent of either of those things!

Nick B

Nick is originally from the Corpus Christi area, but found himself in Houston as of 4 years ago. You can spot him wearing a Hooks hat and drinking a glass of craft beer around the city. He typically prefers his beers to mirror his taste in music: complex, heavy, and dark.

  • DoRight
    Posted at 06:53h, 02 August

    A, truly, wonderful beer

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