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6th Annual – 2021-2022 Houston MVB Winner


This Was Some Pretty Wild Voting

Similar to last year, several smaller breweries got active in the voting this year, but unlike last year, it remained dominated by the smaller spots! It’s super fun watching the lead change hands back and forth as people rally for the brewery they love most. Our goal next year is to show it live, but no promises.

As the scene in Houston continues to grow, evolve, and breweries push one another to innovate in new ways, it seems like the market is continuing to shift. Several breweries closing and changing hands of ownership is another clear indicator that this isn’t just a hunch.

Hype beers aren’t going anywhere, but it seems like the market is more and more shifting towards a great experience than just the beer like years before.

Sorry to keep you waiting for so long. Just like every other year, we end up with a bunch of duplicate and fake votes because beer people are so passionate about their favorite breweries. It’s a but time consuming having to validate all those addresses, but to be honest, it’s funny and a bit humbling.

Seeing the passion of these folks reminds us of why we put so much effort into covering these people that keep our bellies and beer fridges full!




You Came For the Winners, Though

A few honorable mentions are in order, though. Amber mentioned that B52 was, “They’re unique. There selection of beers is far more than any of the other breweries. This brewery is one of a kind!”

Trey had something similar to say about Astral, “Great atmosphere, lovely people, and a fantastic rotation of beer selection with new and old favorites.”

Maureen voted for Equal Parts for the selection as well, but the experience and vibes couldn’t be overlooked. “They have a huge selection in all styles and are always coming out with new beers. Plus they have a really nice taproom with beer experts pouring your beer.”

Y’all seeing a trend? Selection seems to be big on people’s minds, but other big trends were community outreach, knowledgeable servers, and overall taproom experience. The experience part continues to be a trend from last year. Another neat trend is that we’ve had the pleasure of working with 2/3 of the breweries mentioned above, but we don’t have anything to do with the votes!

Breweries are building loyalty through a lot more than good beer. Here are the top 7. I’m not even sure why we did 7 last year, but let’s not fix it if it ain’t broke!



7 Ingenious Brewing Co.

These folks were the 2019-2020 winner thanks, in part, to all of their philanthropy. Their crazy beers continue to draw crowds and online sales still sell out in minutes, so it’s never a surprise to see them in the top spots. Plus their labels are super ok. That can’t hurt, right? The atmosphere trend continues.

“I love ingenious because it’s super family friendly, pet friendly and they have an amazing atmosphere ❤️ the employees are also some of my favorite people I love stopping in to say hi to everyone and the food trucks are plus!” – Alyssa



6 Fulbrook Ale Works

Fulbrook Ale Works seems to be in the top few each year, but the voters lose steam at the end each time. Their no BS approach has developed quite a cult following for the scrappy taproom, and last year’s addition of cans into the market surely didn’t hurt. 

“The new beers the continually release are amazing. You never get bored with just one. The atmosphere and family environment at their brewery is the best I’ve seen.” – Kaitlynn


5 Excalibur Brewery

Excalibur’s new to the list, but it’s no surprise. There’s something mystical in the water up in Spring, and the team at Excalibur is whipping up potions that are drawing in the masses. Aside from the atmosphere, selection, and great service trend continuing, this is another brewery that’s on the small but mighty list. 

“Excalibur has such a chill environment, the beers are creative and delicious, and the staff are kind and very helpful. There is always something new and exciting on the menu, plus the beer selection is massive with 30 beers on tap and at least one non alcoholic house made soda on tap. It’s a nice spot to chill out grab a beer with friends or spend the day with your family and dogs!” – Alexandra



4 Equal Parts

It’s wild how these guys have been making killer beer since day one, and in my opinion, have kinda been slept on until recently. Their rebrand from Sigma to Equal Parts has such a cool story, and I can’t help but think it’s resonating with beer drinkers. 

“They make the best beers in Houston, hands down. Always something new to try and they offer an approachable and friendly taproom to learn and appreciate the nuances and craft of beer in all varieties.” – Kathleen




Another smaller, newer entrant to the ranks, DECA came roaring up the ranks in the last few days. Their passionate fans had a lot to say about the awesome staff, so cheers to the team! They’ve always got some good eats out there too, and that certainly doesn’t hurt.

“They’ve made various specialty brews for charitable donations. There was the front line workers, save the turtles, and several others.” – Chris



2 No Label

No Label continues to rock the vote year after year, but this time they fell at the end. I love seeing their name towards the top each year since their beer has such a special spot in my heart (and belly). I also love seeing them taking home so much hardware, especially since we got to be a tiny part of one of their literally/physically biggest wins.

“Best customer service, best artwork and designs for merchandise. Oh, and most importantly, the best beer!!!!” – Alex



The 2021-2022 MVB Winner Goes to Elder Son!

It’s super cool to see one of the newest spots in Houston take the top spot! It’s no easy feat to open up a brewery, much less build a loyal and thirsty following so quickly. Elder Son’s Heights location isn’t big, but the beer and personalities sure are.

Something about Houston’s homebrew scene really rallying around one another seems to be a trend in the commentary. “Great beer brewed on a small system to prove a concept that a home brewer can transition into commercial brewing with support from Houston’s craft brew scene!” – Melanie

The word unique kept popping up as well. Unique selection, unique beers, unique space, and so on. Great people was another trend for Elder Son.

It’s never just the beer.



Move over, Megaton! Elder Son’s taking the top spot this year. We’re getting the trophy, the framed certificate, and the side bar ads on the to do list, and we’ll be reaching out to interview them very soon!

If some of the names on this list are new to you, you gotta get out more. These smaller breweries are bubbling up all around town, but if you want a chance to try many of them all in one location, get your tickets to Wild West Brew Fest now! Use code “BEERCHRONICLE” for 10% off general admission and VIP tickets. Saturday, November 5, 2022 will be here before you know it, and people are hungry thirsty for beer festivals.

Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

Beer Chronicle Team
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