2018-2019 MVB Winner


Wow, what a way to celebrate our third birthday!

We’re truly sorry for the wait. We didn’t create the suspense for suspense sake. Some dire family issues pulled us away from beer and towards family, and we had a ton of duplicate votes to sort through!


The votes came in waves as many Houston area breweries encouraged their loyal followers to take action. It’s said that a rising tide raises all the boats, so we wanted to honor whichever brewery the people thought has done the most for Houston beer in 2018-2019.

We had nearly 2,000 voters. Almost every brewery had 20-30 votes, but that’s just not enough. Especially as Houston breweries are booming in and outside of the loop.

Some of the results were super surprising while others were a no-brainer. Below are the top 10 breweries.

10 Brash/Eureka Heights/8th Wonder tied with (25 votes)

Brash usually sticks around in the top 3, so this is a shocker. Eureka Heights has done some big things in the last year, so this also comes as a surprise that they’re not higher. 8th Wonder has an enormous fan base, which makes us scratch our heads a little bit too. Maybe next year these three breweries will pull the comeback-kid story, encourage their followers to vote, and take the throne for 2019-2020. Maybe not.


9 Brazos Valley (35 votes)

Their new expansion proved to be valuable to bayou city beer drinkers, and we can’t blame them. Their Slippin’ Into Darkness won our hearts for sure. We expect to see these guys a bit higher next year.

“They have consistently made great beers, and are always experimenting with new flavors. Not every one is a winner, but even the flops are better than some of the best other breweries have to offer!”Liz R.

8 SpindleTap (44 votes)

This was a shocker. They’ve won the last two years, and they didn’t even show up this time. We’ve been rooting for them since before the haze craze, but at best, we’ve only got 4 votes to give. Something tells me they’ll want the ad space next year, and we’ll see them climb.

“Mass marketing of quality hazy beer. Making Houston Haze and 5% Tint available at most area stores is an amazing accomplishment. While doing this they continue to release quality limited release beers that will stand up to any hazy brew in the nation.”Jason S.


7 Saint Arnold (56 votes)

Saint Arnold has been, and will always be, in the top 10. They could switch to brewing tea and seltzer water, and they’d probably still hang on.

“Saint Arnold has CONSISTENTLY supported the Houston community & craft beer community. They donated time & money to help raise money & awareness for Craft PAC & ‘Beer To Go'”Gale C.


6 Ingenious (74 votes)

Seeing Ingenious in the top 10 doesn’t come as much of a surprise. They’re one of the most highly sought-after breweries on the secondary market, and their audience is made up largely of the vocal minority. The vocal minority may be small, but vocal is the keyword. Vocal means they vote. We expect to see these guys in the top 10 again next year.

“Not my favorite brewery but definitely the most boundary pushing on experimental beer types!”Ross G.


5 City Acre (97 votes)

City Acre is Houston’s highest rated Brewpub, and it’s no surprise that they’re in the top 10 every year. Their incredible food, amazing experiences, and farm-to-table approach to their beer excites Houstonians and helps raise the bar for their peers.

“Consistent core offerings with terrific seasonals and limited offerings. Indisputably great food. Lush surroundings with a garden that goes direct to their food.”Ryan C.

4 Klaus (114 votes)

Klaus is the only brewery in Houston that’s doubling down on lagers, specifically, those that are made traditionally. We won’t be surprised if Klaus hangs around in the top 10 every year, or if they even take the cake. Every one of their beers is spot on.

“Klaus doesn’t run with the craft beer pack. They brew German style beers as closely to the originals you can find here in Texas. I’m sooo tired of the standard crap and the experimentation of most craft breweries. I love the subtlety of old world beers…. and Klaus does that for me.”Shawn H.

Klaus had the most fans try to game the system which says a lot about their following. Despite eliminating dozens of double-votes, they grabbed the 4 spot. Watch for these guys.


3 B52 (200 votes)

No surprise here. B52’s a fan favorite. They also had a bunch of folks trying to game the system. This is a sure sign of loyal fans (that don’t read well hahaha). When we said we manually sift through the votes, it’s because of B52 fans. The first year we did this, we crowned them with our votes because of the progress they were starting to make.

“Over 100+ releases in 2018. Planning for more in 2019. In terms of producing quality beer across the spectrum, (Pils, Lagers, IPAs, Hazy IPAs, Stouts, Sours, and Barrel Aged options), no one comes close.”Chance K.

It’s humbling to see that we were on to something way back then, and the bronze looks good on them. 

2 Fulbrook (254 votes)

Fulbrook came as a shocker to many of our readers, but in our discussions with one another, it’s a no brainer. Veteran owned. Constant philanthropy. True community. These are the kinds of things that make beer bigger than itself, and that’s something people latch on to.

“Fulbrook has brought quality beer to an under served area of Houston (Richmond). They have introduced many “crap” beer and wine drinkers the wonders of the craft beer world. While they may not be on every shelf and tap wall, yet, what they have done in the short time they have been around is phenomenal.”Anna F.

We had a bunch of double (and triple) votes from these guys that were eliminated, and they still managed to hold the silver medal spot.

2018-2019 Houston MVB

They were one of the first breweries in the Houston area to double down on serving their community, and it’s paying off dividends. They’re drawing crowds, growing, and that’s allowed them to create some great new beer. A few vocal Houstonians were doubting them 3 years ago when we first started this site, but some changes to their facility, staff, and creative-approach have yielded the kinds of beers and events that deserve the gold.

The 2018-2019 Houston MVB goes to No Label Brewing Company in Katy, Texas with 438 votes.

“Adding a monumental brewery in the greater Houston area, the city of Katy, all the while creating tastefully crafted brews. They’ve created a great feel for our city adding a new element of family fun and fun atmosphere for friends. From their great brews, amazing ambiance, cool merch and great staff, they’ve really done it up for the city!”Ashley M.

After three years of us giving tirelessly to run this site, it’s time for us to take it to the next level. We’ve began offering ad space, selling some products every now and then, and even offering branding, copywriting, and photography services to breweries in Houston (more on this soon). We maintain the position that we’d rather be disliked and truthful than popular liars, and we won’t run ads or sell products that we don’t believe in. Period. We’re also looking to add some volunteers to help us run this thing, so holler if you’re bout it bout it.

No Label will get an ad spot for 1 year on our site reaching hundreds of thousands of beer drinkers, and we’re honored to help them do that. If you voted, keep your eyes on your email for your prizes.

Beer Chronicle Team

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