2017-2018 Houston MVB Winner



2017-2018 Houston MVB Winner

First and foremost, thanks y’all. For real. Again.

This crap is so fun.

As much as we love to talk about beer, we like hearing from y’all too. It’s pretty cool seeing each breweries loyalists gush over them in the “Why” section.

While other breweries have also been killing the NEIPA here in Houston, B52 has taken it to its logical extreme. I also get the feeling that they make what makes them happy and it just so happens that it appeals to a lot of people as well. Like a giant B52 bomber they fly high, but instead of dropping bombs of war the crew at B52 are dropping juicy NEIPAs, amazing sours, and crazy stouts. They make me proud to be a part of this city and they love being a part of the craft beer community we have in this fine city. God bless Texas, Houston, and B52 brewing co. – Jeffrey C.
I have never loved so many different beers at one brewery. All are so different but amazing. You just can't go wrong. There's something for everyone at Back Pew and enough great variety for patrons to never get bored! – Adrienne G.

With Hurricane Harvey affecting so many folks, and just about every brewery in town breaking their backs to help out, there were many kind sentiments directly as a result of those efforts.

Great Heights opened the week before Harvey hit and while still trying to get their bearings and earn their first $1 they quickly jumped in to help the city. They donated both time and money, neither of which they had much of to help the city they love. – Jon B.

It’s pretty easy to root for every one of these folks after reading through hundreds of comments like that. But as much as you may agree, you’re probably here for the results!

So here it is!

3rd Place: Saint Arnold with 7.4% of total votes

2nd Place: City Acre with a whopping 25.3% of total votes

1st Place: SpindleTap with a commanding 30.4% of total votes


City Acre was RIIIGHT behind SpindleTap. At one point they narrowed the gap to as few as 29 votes, but SpindleTap held it down at the top of the results. Not too far behind City Acre were Saint Arnold, Back Pew, B52, Great Heights, Eureka Heights, Southern Star, 8th Wonder, Brash, Ingenious, and Sigma. In that order. (To the follower frustrated on IG about Ingenious’ results, you got your wish.)

But back to SpindleTap. Forget Honey Hole and the fact that Hop Gusher was top 10 in a blind tasting of IPAs.

Forget Houston Haze, 5% Tint, Aceite Crudo and all the rest of the nationally traded beers they make.

Forget their collaboration with Parish for Operation Juice Drop and all of their harrowing efforts in Harvey’s wake.

Even before the whole haze craze, these have been good people. They deserve every single accolade they get. That’s partially why they won last year too.

They were one of the first breweries we interviewed back in December of 2016, and that interview still stands as one of the most memorable evenings in Beer Chronicle history. Garrison and Sean’s disagreements on hazy beer and art vs. science will go down as legendary.

We’ll work on scheduling a followup interview with them to see how far they’ve come since that interview. Next year, we’ll offer the winning brewery some advertising spots on the site. That single sidebar ad that you see to the right (or below on mobile) has driven sales to ARTon Products to the tune of $8,300 in 9 months. Not a bad prize.

Next year though… Just like SpindleTap has done, we’ve still got some growing to do.

Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

Beer Chronicle Team
  • Robby
    Posted at 07:36h, 17 July

    “but SpindleTap held it down at the top of the results. Not too far behind City Acre were Back Pew, B52, Great Heights, Eureka Heights, Southern Star, 8th Wonder, Brash, Ingenious, and Sigma. In that order”

    Did you purposely skip Saint Arnold? Or was it just a mistake?

  • Beer Chronicle Team
    Posted at 11:00h, 17 July

    Hey Robby, we just goofed on that. It’s fixed now. Good looking out!

  • daveysmack
    Posted at 11:03h, 17 July

    Spindletap 2016 Interview : When asked what bugs them the most, Shaun replied without hesitation, “CHICKEN SOUP IPAs. I hate it when an IPA is all cloudy and yellow – looking like a glass of broth.”

  • Beer Chronicle Team
    Posted at 15:14h, 17 July

    Bro! Every time I bust open a hazy can from them, I remember that moment and chuckle. We’ll never let him live it down either. Ever.

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