2016-2017 Houston MVB Winners



2016-2017 Houston MVB Winners

First and foremost, thanks y’all. For real. Again.

We sat down and discussed with the team which brewery we thought had done the most for the city this year, and since we couldn’t agree among the 6 of us, we decided to vote on it as a team and pick one MVB.

We’re naming B52 the 2016-2017 Houston MVB winner.

Over the past year, B52 has gone from a few core beers in approachable styles to a brewery that has no problem experimenting with barrels and adjuncts.


They’ve seen some of their beers hit shelves in the last year and made more available at their taproom, which is still one of the best places to go on a weekend afternoon in the greater Houston area. Their core beers are still recognizable, but they’re making a name for themselves for all the fun they’ve been brewing lately.

They also made a killer representation in the Saint Arnold 23rd Anniversary tribute beers with Bishop’s Gone wild and their willingness to collaborate with other breweries in town is something we admire and hope to see more of in the coming years.


Now, on to the 2016-2017 Houston MVB People’s Champ! Since picking among the six of us was so tough, Hannah said, why not give the city a chance to weigh in and vote? And that’s when the MVB People’s Champ idea came about.

There were more votes than we expected for the People’s Champ. Despite what some disgruntled, suspicious comments on Facebook might have you believe, there was no foul play by any breweries. We hand-checked, line by line. Don’t be a hater because your favorite brewery didn’t win. Remember, this wasn’t meant to be about your favorite; it’s not a popularity contest.

Rather, it’s about which breweries have done the most to raise the bar for Houston beer in the last year. The high tide raises all the boats, and we wanna honor those making the waves big for everyone.

Thanks for all your votes, sharing, etc. SpindleTap is the 2016-2017 Houston MVB People’s Champ!

There was quite a bit of jockeying for position, but in the end they took it by nearly 200 votes. With Houston Haze becoming a national trading commodity this year, it’s hard to deny them. You can read their awesome story here, and a bit about their other great beer here.

SpindleTap has been making good beer since day one, but they’ve made a huge name for themselves as of late.

The aforementioned Houston Haze has been quite a big deal. It wasn’t the first of its kind to make Houston all hazy, but so far, it’s been the best and the most sought after. Not to take away from their other quality beers, but Houston Haze is on the lips of people all across the country for a reason.

A few of the voters cared enough to share why they voted for SpindleTap, and here are their sentiments,

Innovative flavors that appeal to a broad audience!!! –Theresa H.
Two words HOUSTON HAZE!!! – Casey S.
Positive contributions to their community, excellent product, and amazing group of outstanding people that work there! – Russ S.
Their sales rep Leo provides the best customer service and knowledge I've experienced in the beverage industry. – Kap M.
Quality from start to finish. The people behind the product are top notch. – Drew H

There you have it, folks. The people have spoken, and SpindleTap is the 2016-2017 People’s Champ! The funniest thing about all the comments, is they’re not all just about the beer. Yeah, you have to brew good beer to make it, but the best thing about that, is it starts and ends with people, and the comments of the voters make that all the more evident. Good people drink make good beer.


We’ll be making some announcements in the coming days about the prizes. Keep your eyes open. Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

Beer Chronicle Team
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