11 Below Lame Duck by Nick B



Lame Duck

11 Below Brewing

Houston – Northwest

Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

IBUs: 45

Packaging: Draft, 12oz. Cans



A few months ago, 11 Below Brewing bought a few new tanks so they could expand their production and have some more time to play. While my first thought was, “Oh yes, they’re going to do Negative Space year round,” those dreams were dashed by the 11 Below crew themselves. But then I got to the next best thing… More production and possible canning for Lame Duck pale ale? Bingo!

I’ve been jonesin’ to get Lame Duck in cans and I am pretty sure I pestered the guys about it the last few times I have been out to the brewery. In fact, last time I went, they showed Chris and I the can design for Lame Duck and it is my favorite of their current lineup.

Lame Duck’s label features a goof-eyed, yellow, rubber duck dimwittedly floating along as it’s surrounded by an octopus tentacle and a shark fin. The orange sun shines bright with shades pulled cooly over its eyes. It’s not printed, but the sun might as well be saying, “Deal with it,” with those shades. The colors really stand out against the aluminum grey of the can.


Lame Duck pours a pale to medium amber color with bright, white head and plenty of effervescence. The aromas that waft from the glass include subtle pine, citrus, and wort. I love how these all aromas intermingle and the bubbles keep it light.

Now, I am not always one to grab pale or India pale ales, but they find their way into my wheelhouse from time to time. Lame Duck is definitely one that I don’t need a reason for though. It has a light, smooth mouthfeel that hits you with flavors of citrus, most notably lemon to me, and pine resin. Bready flavors balance out the hop profile in the best way.

I’m giving Lame Duck 4.5 stars because of the wonderful balance between hop and malt with the citrus and pine flavors shining like they should in this pale ale. It’s a damn fine beer for the heat too!

So when and where can you get some Lame Duck cans? You can get them starting TODAY at the brewery when they open at 5pm or you can wait til they get citywide distribution next week!

If you like Saint Arnold’s Pub Crawl, I am willing to bet you’ll love Lame Duck. So don’t be a lame duck yourself… Grab a sixer and let us know what you think! Beers to you, Houston. 🍻

Nick B

Nick is originally from the Corpus Christi area, but found himself in Houston as of 4 years ago. You can spot him wearing a Hooks hat and drinking a glass of craft beer around the city. He typically prefers his beers to mirror his taste in music: complex, heavy, and dark.

  • William C.
    Posted at 09:54h, 05 July

    I’ve had this Pale Ale several times at the brewery and I’m ecstatic that they’ve commenced canning what’s tantamount to liquid gold! I purchased a six-pack this past weekend and quenched my thirst while painting the garage. The 4.5 star rating definitely holds true.

  • Nick B
    Posted at 10:16h, 05 July

    Definitely! I (Nick) bought two six packs when I came back from a trip to Corpus and finished them in 3 days. Perfect beer for yard work or hanging out outdoors. Cheers!

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